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Score Posting

In addition to posting your scores at your home club computer, individuals may post their scores via the Internet or via the GHIN app if their club has specified that they want to offer this feature to their membership.

Post Scores Online

Log into your My Mass Golf Home account by clicking here. Once logged into the system, click on the red “Post Scores” option located on your personal home page. The “Post Scores” icon will be displayed next to your club membership so long as you are: 1) an active member at that club (i.e. the club has activated your GHIN # for the current season); and 2) your club allows online score posting.

Post Scores on Your Mobile Device

Download the GHIN app in Apple’s App Store or Google Play. Input your GHIN # and last name. Click on “Post Score” and begin posting scores.

Here are three commonly asked questions about Internet Posting.

Q) Why does my club not allow online score posting?

A) Although the majority of Member Clubs do allow their members to post scores online, there are some clubs that prefer to manage the process at the club level. This allows the golf professional and handicap chairperson to better manage the input of scores. If a club is interested in activating the online score posting option, the handicap chairperson should contact Michael Wice at

Q) I just signed on to post scores, but the system is saying one of the following: a) I am inactive; b) it can not find my GHIN # or c) I do not have a “Post Scores” option on My Mass Golf Home page.

A) Many clubs “inactivate” their rosters when a new season or year starts. This prevents the club from accidentally being billed for someone who is not returning to the club this year/season. Most often, a visit to your club and payment of membership fees for this year/season will get the ball rolling. The club will then activate your record. Until the club transmits this activation to the main GHIN computer, your record will not be available and you will not be able to post scores online.

Q) I just returned home from a trip out of state, but when I go to post my score online I can’t find the course in the drop-down menu.

A) Although the GHIN service currently serves more than 12,000 golf clubs and more than 2,000,000 golfers, there are some associations (e.g. Chicago, etc.) that are not part of the GHIN System. As a result, those courses will not be included as part of the drop-down menu in the score posting section and thus golfers must manually input the course name and course rating data in order to post scores online. That information is available on the scorecard.

Click here for a complete list of GHIN associations.

If you are unsure whether or not your club allows Internet Posting, please contact your golf professional or handicap chairperson. Here are two ways that you can post scores online.

My Mass Golf Home Program

  • Visit and click on the Member Login button located at the top right of the page.
  • On the “Member Login” page, input your GHIN # and password. If you have never used the system before, input your GHIN # as your password (that is usually the default value). If problems persist, do not hesitate to email a member of our Mass Golf staff.
  • Once in the system, you will see “Post Scores” icon. Click on that button.

Online at

  • Visit
  • Click on the “Post Scores” tab at the top/middle of the page (please note that you should not input your information into the e-Golfer box located on the right of the page. In order to use the e-Golfer program, you must sign up through GHIN and be assigned a username and password).
  • Enter your GHIN # and Last Name or Club #
  • You will then be asked to input your score and course rating information
    • If you do not have the course rating information, you can access a searchable database on the page.