Headline: Hickory Golf Takes Center Stage at Country Club of Greenfield; Clubs Hosts First Annual Alexander Findlay Championship

For Immediate Release: May 16, 2016

Alexander Findlay Hickory Open Championship

Norton, MA File this under something you may not see everyday.

A very ambitious and fun group of golfers have come together to start a movement here in the Bay State.

The Hickory Golfers of Massachusetts (HGoM) is made up of golfers who are all members of the Society of Hickory Golfers and play only with hickory shafted golf clubs. They are based out of the Country Club of Greenfield.

“We are golfers who have played most of our lives and love to play the game… the way it was meant to be played," said Bill Conant, captain of the HGoM’ "The Baystaters' and member of CC of Greenfield. “We love the 100 year old clubs, courses, rules, and way of play that brought us to the present.”

This past weekend, the Country Club of Greenfield hosted the first annual Alexander Findlay Hickory Open Championship. The event featured 23 hickory golfers from New England and New York and was sponsored by the Hickory Golfers of Massachusetts and CC of Greenfield.

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According to Conant, the event was named in honor of Alexander Findlay because of his contributions to the golf in New England. The goal of the first annual event is to attract hickory golfers from “all over New England and beyond”.

The only other similar type of event in New England is The Vermont Hickory Open. Later this month, Conant and two others from CC of Greenfield will be competing at The World Hickory Match Play Championship at the Philadelphia Cricket Club. There were three of 32 hickory golfers invited worldwide. They also played at the US Hickory Open held at Miami Valley CC in Dayton, Ohio.

“We feel very honored to be part of this movement,” said Conant.

While the Bay State team didn’t capture the title this past weekend (they were edged by “The Vermonsters”), they battled valiantly and helped to draw attention and support to a great movement in golf.

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