Team Tournaments

Two-person teams are able to enjoy spirited and fun events during the season. Teams range from mother and sons to husbands and wives.

Registration for all Team Tournaments go live on Thursday, March 1, 2018.

Stone Cup


Eligibility: Mixed pairs from the same club play in the match play format over two days.  Player with handicap indices up to 24.0 are eligible.

Father & Son

August 13 (Senior)
August 14 (Junior)
Ledgemont Country Club

Eligibility: Senior: Combined 12.0 Handicap Index; Sons – 19 & Older. Junior: Combined 20.0 Handicap Index; Sons – Ages 14-18.

Father & Daughter


Eligibility: Father & Daughter team must both hold a membership at a Mass Golf Member Club.


Mother & Daughter / Member & Junior

August 15
Highfields Golf & Country Club

Eligibility:  Grandmother/Mother/Daughter combinations- all are welcome.  Also inviting unrelated Women/Junior combinations!

Mother & Son

August 16
LeBaron Hills Country Club

Eligibility: Mothers/Grandmothers/Sons/Grandsons are welcome to participate. Open to players with handicap indices up to 36.0.

Sheeran Trophy

October 15 & 16
The Bay Club

Eligibility: This tournament allows legally married partners to compete against other couples in a selected drive, alternate shot format.  Open to players with a handicap index of 24.0 or less.