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Mixed Team Tournaments

Mass Golf allows mixed pairs  as well as legally married partners to compete in two marquee Mixed Team Tournaments – Stone Cup and Sheeran Trophy. The Stone Cup is held in the spring and features mixed-paired teams who compete in spirited match play over two days. The Sheeran Trophy makes it a true family affair where legally married partners are able to compete against other couples in a selected drive, alternate shot format where 40% of combined handicaps are used.

To ensure that competitors have the best experience possible when competing in a Mass Golf Tournament event, it is helpful to be knowledgeable of the Policies and Procedures established by the association. See below for eligibility requirements and entry close dates for all Mass Golf Mixed Team Tournaments.

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Stone Cup

May 13 & 14
Crumpin-Fox Club

Format: Match Play, Mixed Flighted two person teams playing alternate drive, alternate shot

Eligibility: Mixed pairs play in the match play format over one or two days depending on how many matches won.  Player with handicap indices up to 24.0 are eligible.  This is a first come, first served registration.**New this year-Partners do not have to be from the same club.**



Sheeran Trophy

October 8
The Ridge Club

Format:  18-hole selected drive, alternate shots.

Eligibility: This tournament allows legally married partners (one player must be female) to compete against other couples   Open to players with a handicap index of 24.0 or less. Registration is on a first-come, first-serve basis.