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Women’s Team Tournaments

The Mass Golf Women’s Team Tournaments bring together and connect women who share a passion for golf through friendly and competitive team tournaments held at sites across the state. A variety of formats including best ball, better ball and even nine-hole Round Robin matches are featured in these women’s team tournaments that are open to golfers of a wide range of ages and skill levels throughout the season. The Classes of handicap eligibility noted below are as follows: A=14.0 or less; B= 14.1 to 18.0; C= 18.1 to 21.0; D=21.1 to 24.0; and E=24.1 to 36.0.

To ensure that competitors have the best experience possible when competing in a Mass Golf Tournament event, it is helpful to be knowledgeable of the Policies and Procedures established by the association. See below for eligibility requirements and entry close dates for all Mass Golf Women’s Tournaments.

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Curtis Bowl

May 28
Marshfield Country Club

Format: 18-hole Foursomes (Scotch) alternate drives, alternate shot

Eligibility: Open to two-women teams from Classes A-E  All Players with an index up to 36.0 This is a first come, first served registration.


Cris Eaton Foursomes

June 6
Pawtucket Country Club

Format:  Teams of two 18-hole Chapman Style.

Eligibility: Teams play in two separate class divisions.  Classes A-B (up to 18.0) and C-D-E (18.1 to 36.0) may team up in any combination.  This is a first come, first served registration.

Eleanor W. Allen Bowl

July 15
The Haven Country Club

Format:  18-hole Better Ball of partners

Eligibility:  Two – women teams compete in this tournament which is open players with handicap indices of 18.1 to 36.0 (Classes C, D & E.)  This is a first come, first served registration.

Hannah D. Townshend Cup

July 22
Easton Country Club

Format:  18-holes stroke play, Better Ball of Partners

Eligibility: Two – women team event for Classes A & B – up to a 18.0 index.  This is a first come, first served registration.

Dolly Sullivan

August 26 or 27
Ledgemont Country Club

Format:  18 hole stroke play, Best Ball of Club’s Team, Fund-Raising Event

Eligibility: Registration by Designated Club Contact only.  Four -Women Teams Open to all Classes A-E up to 36.0 index. All players must have an active GHIN # at the same club.  This is a first come, first served registration.


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Eleanor I. Labonte

October 15
Walpole Country Club

Format:  18-hole stroke play Better Ball of Partners

Eligibility: Two-women team event available to all players up to 36.0 index – Open to all Handicap Classes A-E.  This is a first come, first served registration.



Mildred Prunaret Cup

October 22-23
Andover Country Club 

Eligibility:  Two women team playing nine-hole Round Robin matches over two days.  Open to players with handicap indices up to 21.0 (Classes A, B & C).  This is a first come, first served registration.