Headline: Two Holes in One During One Round on the Same Hole? Amazing Feat Accomplished at Cotuit Highground Country Club

For Immediate Release: June 20, 2016

Cotuit Highground Country Club

Cotuit, MA — Every spring, Paul Heher organizes the Seabirds Golf Tournament for the members of Cotuit Highground Country Club as a way to welcome everyone back and to get them excited for what he hopes will be a promising season of golf.

But this year, the first half of the two-day tournament in late April was more memorable, and more exciting, than years past. His nephew, Sam Boger, a 25-year member of the family’s club, did something that Paul had never heard of happening, at neither his course nor any other course for that matter.

Boger had accomplished one of the most desired challenges in the game of golf: scoring a hole in one. He did so on the fourth hole of the nine-hole par-3 course nestled along the Nantucket Sound. Yes, he accomplished a rare feat. So rare in fact, that Golf Digest estimates the odds of an amateur recording an ace to be 12,500 to one.

However, Boger’s performance on that Saturday in late April will not be remembered for that hole in one alone.

His accomplishment was not only met, but mirrored, in a feat that had it been recorded, would undoubtedly have been replayed on highlight reels for years to come.

That’s right. Boger, a 31-year old amateur golfer, hit two holes in one during his round, on the same 120-yard fourth hole nonetheless. The first time around, he tallied the ace on the fourth hole during his 18-hole game, and then did it again when he was playing the fourth hole as the 13th in the second go-around.

“When the first one went in, I was really excited. We weren’t playing well in the tournament so it was a nice turn around,” said the Cotuit native Boger. “And then when the second one went in, it was just sheer disbelief that it happened. I basically just ran around the tee box and starting laughing. It was just so unbelievable.”

No stranger to the course, Boger has discovered the best approach for the hole in the many years of playing it. An elevated tee that overlooks the green, he sets up differently than others who might be less familiar with it.

“Instead of hitting in the air with a sand wedge, I take an eight iron and hit a low shot that just kind of runs the hill and down into the hole,” said Boger.

But approach only gets you so much.

“I think a hole in one is one of those things where you have to be good to at least be in the ballpark, but you have to be lucky to put it in the hole. I’ve played that golf course a million times and I’ve hit so close to the hole so many times, it just so happened that this time that it was close enough to go in.”

Whether luck or talent, the feat was remarkable. Just as amazed by Boger’s accomplishment was the large crowd in front and behind his group that also witnessed the two holes in one.

“The whole course was filled because it was a full field and everybody was like ‘What the heck?,’ recalled Heher. “There was a group behind him on the tee that was telling him, ‘I bet you can’t do it again,’ … and he did it again!”

Heher, Cotuit Highground’s owner and golf professional, who’s had the course in the family since his father opened it in 1963, said, “We have had people hit two holes in one on the same round. Not too many of those. As far as I know, we have never had someone do the same hole the next time around.”

As for any advice that Sam Boger can give to others trying to do the same, he says it’s all about repetition. “The more you play, the more chances at [a hole in one] you have. The last little bit that puts it in the hole is usually luck.”

So far, the luck seems to be on his side. Boger has recorded all four of his career aces at Cotuit Highground Country Club dating back to the early 2000’s. All on hole number four, naturally.

The MGA provides a Hole-in-One certificate to MGA members who accomplish this remarkable feat. As a way of celebrating their achievement, the MGA will also send each golfer a special antiqued brass colored bag tag that includes details about the accomplishment. To learn more, CLICK HERE.