Headline: MGA and Georgia State Golf Association Get Into the Super Bowl Action; Share Hashtag #MGAvsGSGA to Support Our Team & Win Prizes

For Immediate Release: January 30, 2017

MGA golfers are encouraged to spread the hashtag #MGAvsGSGA to show support for the New England Patriots in the big game.

Norton, MA — As the New England Patriots set their eyes on Houston and their fifth Super Bowl title in the famed “Bill Belichick & Tom Brady era,” against the Atlanta Falcons on Sunday, February 5, the MGA has planned a friendly wager with the Georgia State Golf Association involving their own beloved football team, who play a mere 18 miles south of the GSGA Headquarters in Marietta.

Taking a page out the playbook that many politicians and companies use leading up to big Championship games between two cities, the MGA reached out to their counterparts in Georgia to see if a friendly wager could be agreed upon.

The MGA, whose offices are located in Norton on the TPC Boston property and only 11 miles down the road from Patriot Place and Gillette Stadium, have reached an agreement that will include some of the tastiest treats from each respective area. Treats that the golf association whose local team loses in the Super Bowl will have to provide to the association whose team wins. 

The MGA will be offering up a traditional New England entrée of Legal Sea Foods New England Clam Chowder with Oyster Crackers, while the Georgia State Golf Association will be offering up an array of treats that have ties to Georgia, including Coca Cola branded beverages, peaches and pecans, among other items.   

Coca Cola, which was created by an Atlanta pharmacist in the late 1800’s and has developed into one of the world’s largest companies, will accompany peaches and pecans, two foods with ties to Georgia. Peaches became the official fruit of Georgia in 1995 while the state is also the largest producer of pecans in the country and has been since the 1950’s.  

“We are excited to engage in this fun wager with our friends down at the Georgia State Golf Association,” announced MGA Executive Director Jesse Menachem. “While we are both in the midst of planning for our respective Championship seasons, we figured this would be a great opportunity to show support for our friends with the New England Patriots organization as they compete for the pinnacle of championship crowns, the Lombardi trophy.”

In addition to the sharing of treats, Menachem and Georgia State Golf Association Executive Director Matt Vanderpool have decided that the losing Executive Director will have to send along a personal message wearing some item from the winning team or association.

If the Patriots do in fact win on February 5th and the Georgia treats are sent north, the MGA has decided to include its members in this friendly wager and will host a social media campaign leading up to the Super Bowl in regards to the MGA/GSGA wager.

A post will be published on the MGA’s Facebook page “Massachusetts Golf Association” in the days leading up to the playing of Super Bowl 51 and Facebook users are encouraged to “Share” the post on their individual Facebook pages. The hashtag #MGAvsGSGA will be used and all golfers are encouraged to spread the hashtag to show support for the New England Patriots in the big game.

If the Patriots are victorious by defeating Atlanta, the MGA will be victorious and one individual who shared the aforementioned post on Facebook will receive the items sent from the Georgia State Golf Association.

The MGA wishes best of luck to all members of the New England Patriots organization as they seek their fifth Championship since the 2001 season. Go Patriots!