Headline: Online Registration Goes Live For All MGA Championships on Thursday, February 2nd at 10:00 a.m.

For Immediate Release: February 1, 2017

Online registration for MGA Championships goes live on 2/2 at 10:00 a.m.

Norton, MA — The wait is finally over.

Beginning on Thursday, February 2nd at 10:00 a.m., interested competitors were able to register for any of the 2017 MGA Championship events.


Championship Online Registration Quick Links:


Key changes for the 2017 MGA Championship season include the following: 

  • A Super Senior Division has been added to the MGA Senior Four-Ball Championship. That division will feature eligible teams of two active MGA Member Club golfers, ages 65+ with a combined handicap index of 16.0 or less.
  • The age limit for the MGA Junior Amateur Championship has been increased from 17 to 18 years old. All active MGA Member Club golfers or Massachusetts residents age 14-18 will be eligible.
  • The age eligibility for the Junior Division of the MGA Father & Son Championship has been adjusted to sons age 14-18; sons 19+ will be eligible to compete in the Senior Division. 

In addition, competitors will now be able to see - in real time - how many spots are available for each qualifying site when they log into their My MGA Home portal.

GETTING READY - Is Your GHIN # Active?

In order to register for any MGA or NEGA Championship you will need to have an up-to-date and active handicap index with an MGA Member Club. You can check your GHIN # status via the My MGA Home program.

Many public and municipal facilities inactivate their members prior to the start of the golf season in order to better prepare for the long months ahead. When a golfer is "inactive" in the GHIN system, their index shows up online as "NH".

To activate your GHIN number for the 2017 season, you need to contact your home club or any golf club in your area and have them re-activate your GHIN number for the season. By reactivating your GHIN number, you will preserve your score history. You can find a course in your area by using our searchable Member Club database (click here).

If you need to find a club for 2017, you can also utilize the MGA Members Now! Program which allows individual golfers to obtain and manage a GHIN # online via the MGA web site.

Accessing Your My MGA Home

You can log into the My MGA Home program to view your handicap information and register online anytime by inputting your GHIN # (or email address) and password.


Please make sure that the email we have on file for you is accurate. The MGA sends all information electronically!!

USGA QUALIFYING - Coming in March!

Information for all USGA Qualifying - both men's and women's events - is available on the MGA's web site. Registration for USGA Championships will begin in March.

Participants must register for USGA events at www.usga.org, and requests for withdrawals and refunds must be done through the USGA.

Contact Us... Anytime!

Any member of the MGA professional staff is available to assist you throughout the season. Below is a list of those staff members who can address specific Championship-related questions.

Kevin Eldridge
Director of Rules & Competitions
Email | P: 774-430-9103

Shawn Bennett
Assistant Director of Rules & Competitions
Email | P: 774-430-9071

Becky Blaeser
Director of Communications
Email | P: 781-789-8760

Mark Daly
Manager of Communications
Email | P: 774-430-9073

Billing & Refund Issues
Linda Tisevich
Administrative Assistant
Email | P: 774-430-910