Headline: Hundreds Come Out to Help Former Dedham C&PC Superintendent Mike Stachowicz Improve the Historic National Mall as part of #NGD17 Celebration

Former Bay State superintendent Mike Stachowicz oversaw the first-ever National Golf Day Community Service Project on April 25.

Washington, DC — It’s not often that more than 100 industry professionals and a handful of other helping hands show up at your place of work and offer to lend a hand.

That was the unusual but very welcome situation that awaited former Bay State superintendent Mike Stachowicz on April 25.

On that day and despite a forecast calling for rain and fog, hundreds of superintendents representing scores of clubs from across the nation spent Tuesday working with Stachowicz, the Turf Management Specialist of the National Park Service, on beautification and preservation projects that included raking, overseeding, aerating, brushing walkways and sprucing up gravel pathways.

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For Stachowicz, it was not only a day when he saw important work being done on the grounds he is responsible for maintaining from the U.S. Capitol Building to 7th Street, it was a chance to catch up with colleagues from years past.

Prior to being hired as the National Park Service’s first full-time turf management specialist in December of 2012, Stachowicz had served as Dedham Country and Polo Club’s Green and Grounds Manager for nine years.

He had also previously held superintendent-level positions at The Ranch Golf Club, Cranwell Resort Spa and Golf Club, Taconic Golf Club, Springfield Country Club and Stockbridge Golf Club.

As part of his latest role in the Nation’s Capitol – one that he has received national attention for over the past five years - Stachowicz is charged with being “the man who helps the National Park Service grow and maintain healthy lawns on the National Mall and guard against the wear and tear that comes from the millions of visitors a year and some 800 sanctioned events.”

In addition to the beautification and preservation projects that Stachowicz oversaw on April 25th, PGA Professionals from the Middle Atlantic Section of the PGA of America were on hand to provide helpful tips and mini lessons to those taking in the sights at the National Mall.

Those same individuals who came out to lend a helping hand on Tuesday will return to the Nation's Capitol on Wednesday with another important tool - their voices.

They will be part of a coalition of more than 200 industry representatives who will be talking about the importance of golf with legislators. One discussion point will be that the golf industry is dedicated to continually improving the construction and management of responsible and economically-viable golf courses, which provide significant value to the environment.

Here are just a few industry statistics that illustrate that fact.

  • 77% of 18-hole golf facilities have taken steps to conserve energy.
  • 91% of acreage on an 18-hole golf course is considered “green space” that provides benefits to the eco-system.
  • Golf courses account for more than two million acres of green space in the U.S.
  • An average 18-hole course comprises 150 acres including 50 acres of rough, 30 acres of fairway, six acres of greens and tees, 24 acres of forest and 11 acres of water.

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