Headline: WGAM Caps Off Another Fun and Historic Spring League Season; Congratulations to All the Participating Teams

For Immediate Release: June 6, 2017

Norton, MA —Last week as the Massachusetts Senior Four Ball Championship was coming to an end and preparation was beginning for the next tournament on the schedule, the Women’s Golf Association of Massachusetts offices down the hall at MGA headquarters were also preparing for the completion of their first tournament on the schedule – a tournament with as much history as the WGAM itself.

The WGAM Spring Team Matches began the last week of April and wrapped up Thursday, May 25 by crowning its 2017 champions in each respective division following five weeks of competition.

With weekly matches for the six teams in each of the 26 different cups, each a representative of an MGA-member club, the format offers a unique opportunity for such a wide variety of players and abilities to get in on a Championship-like competition.

Each week, match play occurs in twosomes between club’s teams within a Cup. The 26 Cups are grouped based on the team’s handicap index.

The following teams representing each club were crowned 2017 Spring Team Winners.

Cup 1: The Country Club # 1
Cup 2: Ould Newbury #1
Cup 3: Vesper #1
Cup 4: International #1
Cup 5: Dedham #1
Cup 6: Brae Burn #1
Cup 7: William D. Devine #1
Cup 8: Presidents #2
Cup 9: Dennis Golf #1
Cup 10: GC at Turner Hill
Cup 11: Captains
Cup 12: Ferncroft
Cup 13: Foxborough
Cup 14: Marlborough
Cup 15: TCC #3
Cup 16: William J. Devine #2
Cup 17: Charter Oak #2
Cup 18: Salem #2
Cup 19: Concord #3
Cup 20: Gannon #2
Cup 21: Presidents #3
Cup 22: Nabnasset Lake #2
Cup 23: Juniper Hill
Cup 24: Bay Club #2, Highland Country Club
Cup 25: Bass Rocks #2
Cup 26: Oakley #3

Although the records only date back to 1950, the WGAM Spring Team Matches have been taking place since the WGAM was founded in 1900, when players would travel via train to the founding clubs to play for their club’s honor. While the modes of transportation and the equipment in their bags have improved, the comradery that surrounds the annual event has remained unchanged.

“Over 750 women are playing all over the state at the same time. It is exciting to think about,” said Cathleen Beach, who has been organizing the Spring Team Matches as WGAM Executive Director for the past seven years.

Additionally, it has remained one of the most popular events on the WGAM calendar year after year because of the special format that it follows.

“Spring Team Matches are still flourishing because it appeals to all levels of players” said Beech.
“The teams travel together. They encourage each other.  They coach new players on the subtleties of match play.  Plus, the players are really invested in these matches.”

The Massachusetts Golf Association would like to congratulate all participants in this year’s competition, particularly the winning teams from each of the 26 cups.