2019 Junior Amateur Championship Exemptions - MASSGOLF

2019 junior Amateur Exemptions

The following individuals are exempt for the 2019 Junior Amateur Championship.

Although exempt according to the conditions and regulations of the event, these players are only eligible to compete in Championship Proper if they submit the stipulated entry form and fee prior to the entry close date.

Category #1

2018 Champions of the Junior, Pre-Junior and Young Golfers’ Amateur, if eligible.

James Imai

Eric Boulger

Reilly Fowles


Category #2

Any previous overall Junior Amateur Champion, if eligible.

James Imai


Category #3

Any Massachusetts Junior player who qualified for the 2018 U.S. Junior Amateur Championship, if eligible.

Mark Turner

Andrew Dipetrillo

Peter Bowie

James Imai

Dillon Brown

Michael Thorbjornsen


Category #4

The top fifteen (15) finishers and ties from the 2018 Christopher Cutler Rich Junior Player of the Year standings, if eligible.

James Imai

Michael Thorbjornsen

Andrew O’Leary

David Rogers

Dillon Brown

Mark Turner

Christian Emmerich

Jack Tobin

Nicholas Cummings

Conner Willett

Peter Bowie

Ethan Whitney

Max Hutter

Justin Turbeville

Andrew DiPetrillo


Category #5

The top five (5) finishers and ties from the 2018 Young Golfers’ Junior Amateur Championship, the top ten (10) finishers and ties from the 2018 Pre-Junior Division, and the top thirty (30) finishers and ties from the 2018 Junior Amateur Championship, if eligible.

Young Golfers’ Amateur Championship

Reilly Fowles

Adrian Curtis

Ben Catudal

Galen Fowles

Jack Spencer

Molly Smith


Pre-Junior Division (stroke play)

Eric Boulger

Conner Willett

Ethan Whitney

Weston Jones

John Broderick

Alex Landry

Dan Brooks

Aiden Emmerich

Will Campbell

Charles Ma

Sean Dully


Junior Amateur Championship (stroke play)

James Imai

Liam Gill

Christian Emmerich

Jack Tobin

Eric Boulger

Peter Bowie

Aidan Mccloskey

Conner Willett

Max Hutter

Xavier Marcoux

Ethan Whitney

John Cammarano

Nicholas Cummings

Collin Fitzpatrick

David Rodgers

Jared Mscisz

Bobby Manion

Nicholas Li

Weston Jones

Zach Stewart

Boomer Jenks

Charlie Campbell

Jared Winiarz

Tyden Wilson

John Broderick

Dillon Brown

Jay Callahan

Trent Han

Nicholas Hampoian

A.J. Gilpin

Alex Landry

Cole Alibozek

Mark DeCourcey


Category #6

The top ten (10) finishers and ties from 2018 the MIAA Division 1, 2 & 3 State Championships, if eligible.

Division 1

James Imai

Joseph Lenane

Brendan Frain

Sean Fitzgerald

Timmy Dias

Eric Bougler

Mathew Remley

Drew Semons

Angela Garvin

Jason See

Michael Rosenbloom

Conner O’holleran

Jack Tobin

Ryan Hackenson


Division 2

Josh Lavallee

Myles Walther

Mitch Marcou

Ryan Lundy

Sam Hood

Ian Paskowski

Jack Thibodeau

Jim Murphy

Will Campbell

Dave D’agostino

Matt Epstein

Trevor Lopez

Ethan Skelly

Colby Mitchell

Gabrielle Shieh

Owen Egan

Owen Manning

Shane Richardson


Division 3

Christian Emmerich

Aiden Emmerich

Colin Spencer

Mason Dumas

Graham Opdyke

Brady Tsourides

Jack Moy

Cooper Griffin

Sean Magarian

Patrick Ginnity


Category #7

The top eight (8) finishers and ties from the 2019 ISL Kingman Bowl Tournament & top eight (8) finishers and ties from the 2018 EIL Tournament, if eligible.


2018 EIL Championship

David Rogers

Christian Vaream

Ross Spearman

Jack Boyd

Chris Mellen

Brandon Bruce

Robbie Carpentier

Alex Shiguetta


2019 ISL Kingman Bowl

Bobby Manion (Belmont Hill)

John Baldwin (St. George’s)

Nick Li (Brooks)

Vikram Konanki (Noble & Greenough)

Jason Temel (Noble & Greenough)

Nikhil Pande (Milton Academy)

Tommy Kantaros (Rivers)

Matt Weber (Thayer)


Category #8

The top ten (10) finishers and ties from the 2018 US Challenge Cup, NEPGA and CTPGA Player of the Year standings, if eligible.


2018 US Challenge Cup POY Standings



2018 NEPGA Junior POY Standings

16-18 Division

Robbie Forti

Andrew Lazor

Erik Wahlstrom

Timothy Picard

Sean Sullivan

Bengamin Sapovits

Michael Simonelli

Cam Mannion

Jackson Lehner

John Veno


14-15 Division

Blake Buonopane

Will Elwood

Thomas Singleton

John Patrick Ceryanek

Colby Sanville

Joshua Speel

Connor Hill

Ryan Dow

Bradley Gillen

Kevin Carpenter


2018 CTPGA Junior POY Standings

Bryan McLennan

Jackson Roman

Matthew Chorches

Luke Carroll

Jack Godin

Tyler Woodward

Jonathan Farrell

Jacob Linsday

Justin Mathew

Jack Livingstone


Category #9

2018 NEGA Junior Amateur Invitational Individual Champion, if eligible

Ben James