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investment in the game award


Multiple Awards Available in 2023


What is the Award for exactly? And am I eligible?

Do you currently work in the golf industry or are looking to make a career change and begin working in the golf industry in Massachusetts? Then yes… you are eligible for this award! Mass Golf would like to provide financial assistance to individuals that wish to further their commitment to the golf industry in Massachusetts and may not otherwise have the means to pursue advancement.

Here are a few examples of areas that an interested applicant could apply the funds towards while working in the golf industry in Massachusetts:

  • Courses, classes, educational seminars and conferences
  • Special certifications or specialized training
  • Offsetting expenses or supplementing an entry-level salary for a career change or internship
  • Offsetting expenses to create/support an industry impact program, service or initiative
  • Need some more examples? Check out the resources below for some extra guidance or get in touch with us via email.


Mass Golf encourages individuals of all backgrounds and experiences to apply for the Investment in the Game Award.


Please read through the instructions along with the eligibility and expectations of the award prior to submitting your application.



Eligibility & Expectations

  • Connected to the golf industry in Massachusetts personally or professionally through employment, volunteer work or membership.
  • 18 years of age or older.
  • Funds to be used by the applicant to:
    • Further their education, certifications and/or career advancement within the golf industry in Massachusetts.
    • Offset expenses or supplement an entry-level salary for a career change or internship within the golf industry in Massachusetts.
    • Offset expenses to create/support an industry impact program, service or initiative within the golf industry in Massachusetts.
  • Awards to be tracked based on use/need as well as successful progress, developments, and engagements.
  • Maintaining a connection to Mass Golf through volunteerism, leadership, and informational interviews.
  • Recipients of the awards are expected to remain in the golf industry for a minimum of two years after receiving the award. Residency, education and/or employment within Massachusetts is preferred, but not required.

**Note: This opportunity is not intended for a 4-year undergraduate program or to support a golf professional’s competitive/playing career.



  • January 2023 – Application Process Opens
  • May 1, 2023 – Applications are Due
  • July 1, 2023 – Recipients Notified of Award



Having trouble determining what might be the next best step for you in the golf industry? Or perhaps you are unsure of how to best use and Award such as this. Here are some good resources to help you answer those questions. Mass Golf can assist you in this process as well. Get in touch with Catherine Carmignani, with any questions you may have.


Club Managers Association of America (CMAA)

  • Professional Development is at the center of the CMAA’s mission. CMAA’s curriculum is based on 11 competency areas covering every aspect of a club management professional’s responsibilities. Educational content is delivered in a variety of ways including five-day Business Management Institute (BMI) programs, Chapter-based programs, Conference, Summit, and Event education, webinars, and online education. The Certified Club Manager (CCM) designation is the centerpiece of CMAA’s professional development program. CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE


Golf Course Superintendents Association of America (GCSAA)

  • The GCSAA provides well-defined career paths for those seeking to be recognized at the highest level of their profession. Whether you are a superintendent, assistant, or equipment manager GCSAA has certificate and certification programs designed for you. These programs have been developed by members, academia and industry with guidance from professional psychometricians. CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE


National Golf Course Owners Association of America (NGCOA)

  • From conferences to executive retreats, NGCOA brings the best education to its members and the industry. The NGCOA hosts events such as the Golf Business Conference, where there are several educational topics and guest speakers to increase your knowledge in several areas of the golf industry.  CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE


New England PGA Section (NEPGA)

  • The purpose of NEPGA U. and our Education Committee is to provide an inclusive, Section-wide platform which facilitates development and inspires growth of the New England PGA Professional by focusing on the following five pillars:Instruction | Merchandising | Personal Wellness | Golf Operations | Career DevelopmentCLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE

Mass Golf’s Commitment

Mass Golf is committed to investing in the golf industry’s workforce in support of its mission to advance the game of golf in Massachusetts. Beginning in 2023, multiple awards for financial support and assistance for individuals who are substantially connected to Mass Golf (Individual Membership, Member Club Membership, First Tee of Massachusetts, Youth on Course) and are looking to further their commitment and advancement in the business, management, operations and/or administration of golf. These merit-based awards will help serve the recipients as a bridge in the life-path associated with golf – as well as the industry – in creating more experienced leaders to support the game long-term.

Committee Members

Megan Bearce*Thorny Lea Golf Club
Joe MahoneySalem Country Club
Eddie CordeiroBelmont Country Club
Sarah ForbesThe Kittansett Club
Jesse Menachem, Executive Director/CEOMass Golf
Catherine Carmignani, Assistant Executive DirectorMass Golf


* Denotes the committee chair.

** Denotes supporting staff.


Selection Panel

Tom BrodeurDavid Chag
Leslie GreisEddie Cordeiro**
Jesse Menachem*Catherine Carmignani*


* Denotes Mass Golf staff

** Denotes member of the Board of Directors

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