The Weekender E-Newsletter | Mass Golf

Mass Golf gets you ready for the weekend with a Friday morning e-newsletter keeping you updated on the latest local, regional and national golf news from the past week, as well as things to look forward over the weekend. It will also contain promotions offered by both Mass Golf and its allied organizations.

This unique Mass Golf Member benefit delivers a remarkable online experience, much like reading a traditional magazine or newspaper. It requires no special applications, no software downloads, and no plug-ins. The newsletter is a browser-based solution that also works on most mobile devices. The digital issues are delivered to each inbox on Friday morning.

Here are some frequently asked questions about our e-newsletter:

Q. What is THE WEEKENDER e-newsletter?

A. THE WEEKENDER e-newsletter is a designed-for-digital publication prepared by Mass Golf each week. Among its contents are news items and feature stories related to Mass Golf, plus news and notes on professional and amateur events of interest. It is delivered Friday morning, 50 weeks per year, to our members. It’s much like reading an online version of a traditional magazine or newspaper.

Q. How often will the e-newsletter be e-mailed?

A. You will receive your e-newsletter 50 times a year on Friday mornings, plus other staggered issues focusing on important golf events.

Q. Is there any cost to me?

A. There is no cost for the e-newsletter. It is included as part of the golfer benefits program.

Q. I previously opted out of receiving the weekly e-newsletter. Can I still receive THE WEEKENDER?

A. Yes, you can opt back in. CLICK HERE to manage your subscription preferences.

Q. Can I opt out of the e-newsletter?

A. Yes. Simply click on the bottom at the bottom of your e-mail to unsubscribe.

Q. I didn’t know I was a member. How did that happen?

A. Mass Golf is technically made up of a membership of golf clubs and the organization considers anyone with an established Handicap Index® with one of our Member Clubs to be a member. Please note that Mass Clubs that use non-GHIN® handicaps are not Mass Golf members.