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Massachusetts Launches State Team as Part of the USGA’s U.S. National Development Program

Seven states will participate in the initial pilot phase beginning in 2024

Massachusetts is launching a state junior golf team that will expand the pipeline for elite local golfers into the recently created U.S. National Development Program (USNDP), a new initiative launched last February by the United States Golf Association. Massachusetts is one of seven states that will participate in the initial phase of the state team pilot program kicking off in 2024 with the goal of all states having a team by 2033. 

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The U.S. National Development Program is the United States’ first national development program to provide a clear and unified pathway for the country’s top players, beginning with competitive junior golf through to the pinnacles of the sport. The U.S. National Development Program will identify, train, develop, fund and support the nation’s most talented junior players – regardless of cultural, geographical or financial background.

Team Massachusetts will be managed by Mass Golf, based on guidelines provided by the USGA, and will be supported through a collaborative effort between other state-wide and regional organizations including New England Professional Golfers’ Association and the United States Challenge Cup.



  • Team Massachusetts selection criteria will be released in March 2024
  • Team Massachusetts will be selected, using selection criteria, in Fall 2024



In 2024, Team Massachusetts will be made up of 16 players (8 boys/8 girls). Team members will participate in Team Massachusetts programming and will receive select benefits in 2025. Players must earn their way onto the team each year.



  • To be eligible to compete on a state team in 2024, a player must be a U.S. Citizen and resident of Massachusetts. Each eligible player must be 13 years old by Jan. 1, 2025, have not reached their 19th birthday by July 19, 2025, and must not be enrolled in college for the 2024-2025 school year.
  • A Handicap Index® is also required. Players must be a member of Mass Golf with an established Handicap Index®, having entered all eligible scores to be considered for Team Massachusetts. Boys must have a Handicap Index® of 2.4 or better. Girls must have a Handicap Index® of 5.4 or better. Read more about Handicap Index® HERE.



Players will earn their way onto the team through outstanding competitive performance during the 2024 season. The Team Massachusetts Committee will establish and oversee team selection criteria. Team selection criteria will be published prior to the entry deadline of the first event and will consist of a points structure, ranking, and a combination of other competitive factors.



Being selected to Team Massachusetts is an accolade that comes with the benefit of receiving varying levels of support, helping players continue their growth and journey. Once named to Team Massachusetts, players are a part of the USNDP for the following calendar year. The USNDP will provide benefits and recognition to Team Massachusetts participants. These benefits may include recognition on the USGA/USNDP website and social media, expedited USNDP grant program access, exemptions to local AJGA events, invites to future USNDP camps, and access to the official USNDP statistical platform.


For more information and questions specific to the U.S. National Development Program, please use the web resources below.


For questions related to Team Massachusetts, please contact the Mass Golf staff:


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