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whs Club Authorization

As part of the rollout of the 2024 World Handicap System (WHS) Revisions, all Mass Golf Member Clubs are required to complete the WHS Club Authorization Quiz. At least one staff member or official from each club or facility will need to complete the quiz with a passing score to be WHS Authorized for the 2024 season. Mass Golf will be hosting live webinars and seminars to help educate officials on these changes to assist them in getting authorized for the 2024 season. Take a look at the quick reference guide from the USGA for the 2024 Revisions.

Please also notify of any changes your facility intends to make to stroke index allocations so that we can update the GHIN system accordingly.

2024 WHS 3 Key Changes



Helpful Step-By-Step Sheets:

Add Golfer

Club – Golfer Roster

Club – Manage Users

Club – Primary Account Management

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