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About Members Now!

In 2015, Mass Golf introduced a new Club Service to assist our public, municipal and semi-private facilities in procuring new members and keeping existing members in your system.

The program allows golfers to connect with a Member Club online directly through MassGolf.org at any time.

There is no cost and no added work to our Member Clubs. We feel that it is important to put our resources forward to assist you in growing your membership base and to make it easier for interested golfers to become active in the sport.

WHATis the program all about?

Members Now! allows golfers to obtain or renew a Mass Golf Membership and Handicap Index® with participating Member Clubs directly through MassGolf.org at any time. This service is available to golfers and clubs 12 months a year.

WHOshould take part?

Any public, semi-private or municipal Member Club or any club that currently offers Mass Golf Membership as one of its services.

WHYis this important?

The program was developed in response to the growing number of individuals who are looking to obtain a Mass Golf Membership and Handicap Index but just don’t know how to do it and need some assistance engaging with golf clubs in the Bay State. It is also aimed at those individuals whose memberships at clubs have lapsed or who may be thinking about not renewing for the upcoming season.

Other state and regional golf associations have implemented similar programs and have reported great success in getting new golfers into the sport and reducing the number of inactive golfers in their system. It is truly a “grow the game” initiative that is proving to be effective at the grass-roots level.

HOW MUCHwill it cost?

There is no additional cost for the program. Each participating club will have a set retail fee of $55 that a new/renewing member will pay to obtain a Mass Golf Membership through their facility. Mass Golf will process the stipulated payment directly.

No credit card fees, purchasing fees or up-charges will be added to that total. The standard $55 fee will be the amount billed to the golfer and will be credited on your next billing statement.

WHEREdo I start?

Contact Jenna Walkiewicz directly at jwalkiewicz@massgolf.org. Once we receive your information, your club will be added to the program and golfers will be able to become your member immediately!