2022 Open Championship Exemptions - MASSGOLF

2022 open Exemptions

The following individuals are exempt for the 2022 Open Championship.

Although exempt according to the conditions and regulations of the event, these players are only eligible to compete in Championship Proper if they submit the stipulated entry form and fee prior to the entry close date.


Category #1

Twenty (20) lowest scorers and ties in the 2021 Massachusetts Open Championship

Rob Labritz

Jason Thresher

David Pastore

Shawn Warren

Max Theodorakis

Ben Spitz

Kevin Kraft

Brad Adamonis

Chris Francoeur

Matthew Campbell

Matthew Lowe

Jack Boulger

Michael Martel

Matthew Conti

Michael Graboyes

Will Frodigh

Mike Van Sickle

Jeff Curl

Kyle Gallo

Sam Grindle

James Hazen


Category #2

Past Massachusetts Open Champions (Effective in 1993, Champions earn a 10-year exemption; pre-1993 Champions are exempt for life)

2021 – Rob Labritz

2020 – Event not held

2019 – Michael Martel

2018 – Jason Thresher

2017 – Jason Thresher

2016 – Jason Thresher

2015 – Joe Harney

2014 – Ian Thimble

2013 – Evan Harmeling

2012 – Michael Welch

2011 – Kyle Gallo (exemption extension due to 2020 championship cancelation)


Category #3

NEPGA Section Champions 2017 to 2020, and the top five (5) finishers and ties in the 2021 NEPGA Championship

2016 – Matt Doyle (exemption extension due to 2020 championship cancelation)

2017 – Liam Friedman

2018 – Rich Berberian

2019 – Shawn Warren

2020 – Shawn Warren


2021 NEPGA Championship (Top 5 & ties)

1 – Rich Berberian

2 – Dan Venezio

3 – Robert Bruso

4 – Eric Barlow

5 – Todd Scarafoni


Category #4

Top twenty (20) finishers and ties in the 2021 NEPGA Skip Wogan Player of the Year standings

Rich Berberian

Shawn Warren

Jeff Martin

Eric Barlow

Robert Bruso

Matt Arvanitis

Dan Venezio

Brendon Ray

Todd Scarafoni

Liam Friedman

Dan Gillis

John Hickson

Kirk Hanefeld

Jim Clay

Ed Kirby

Jim Schouller

Danny Kish

David Bennett

David Jankowski

Rico Riciputi


Category #5

2021 NEPGA Assistants Champion

Christopher Gentle


Category #6

2021 Berkshire Chapter Champion of the NENY PGA

Chris Polidoro


Category #7

2021 State Open Champions from the New England States

MA – Rob Labritz

RI – Matt Shubley

NH – Chris Crawford

VT – Garth McGee

CT – Peter Ballo

ME – Jack Wyman & Shawn Warren


Category #8

2021 Jim & Lois Gaquin Memorial Cape Cod Open Champion

Anthony Sebastianelli


Category #9

The top Mass Golf member club affiliated finisher in the 2021 Connectitcut Section PGA Player of the Year Standings. Ties in the standings will be broken by the 2020 POY standings (then 2019 etc.).

Chris Tallman – Orchards GC


Category #10

Amateur Champions of the last five (5) years

2021 – Michael Thorbjornsen

2020 – Matthew Organisak

2019 – Steven DiLisio

2018 – Patrick Frodigh

2017 – Matt Parziale

2016 – Brendan Hunter (exemption extension due to 2020 championship cancelation)


Category #11

2021 Amateur Semifinalists

Matt Parziale

Chris Bornhorst

Michael Thorbjornsen

Chris Francoeur


Category #12

2021 Junior Amateur, Senior Amateur, Mid-Amateur, and Amateur Public Links Champions

Jr – Colin Spencer

Sr – Keith Smith

Mid – Matt Parziale

APL – James Imai


Category #13

Top ten (10) finishers and ties in the 2021 Richard D. Haskell Player of the Year standings

Matt Parziale

Chris Francoeur

Ben Spitz

Michael Thorbjornsen

Nick Maccario

Xavier Marcoux

Owen Quinn

Weston Jones

Andrew DiRamio

Kyle Tibbetts


Category #14

2021 Player of the Year, Junior Player of the Year and Senior Player of the Year

Matt Parziale

Weston Jones

Keith Smith


Category #15

2022 Open Qualifying Site Host Professional Staff (one per site)

Kernwood CC

CC of Pittsfield

LeBaron Hills CC

Gardner Municipal GC

Club at New Seabury

Marlborough CC