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September 17 – 24, 2022

6 Rounds of Golf and 7 Nights Accommodations

So, you are mildly interested in a trip with Mass Golf to Ireland in 2022 but need a little more convincing one way or the other? No problem! Mark Gagne, Director of Member Services for Mass Golf, has come up with a helpful list for when you are stuck in that decision making process between going to Ireland with Mass Golf and having the best time of your life or staying at home. Fair Warning… Mark is quite cheeky with this list so please do enjoy the humor behind it.

Warning!!!  Please avoid this trip…..
  1. If you don’t want prime tee times at the most highly ranked and stunning oceanside linksland courses in Ireland.  While nearly all golf and lodging in Ireland is booked up for 2022, you might be able to find a place somewhere inland that is willing to offer a premium priced round at a course you have never heard of and will never remember; if you are up for making a few dozen phone calls, and are prepared to hear “sorry, we are sold out”.
  2. If you don’t like Guiness, pubs or publicly and shamelessly singing along with your mates after a few pints.
  3. If you prefer to chase down your buddies and toil away at trying to figure out all the details of a trip because you love dedicating all your free time to research and waiting for those friends to respond to your emails, call and texts.
  4. If you prefer to rent a car, drive on the wrong side of the road and try to figure out how to navigate “highways” that one car and a few sheep can barely traverse.  A professionally driven custom coach where you can relax and socialize as you make your way and taking in the views is so overrated.
  5. If you don’t like having a trip that is completely set up for you where you can just go and enjoy yourself and you don’t fear missing out on what could be the best travel and golf experience ever.
  6. If, after all this time of isolation and staying at or near home, you just don’t deserve to treat your friends, family and yourself on a bucket list trip.
The Golf:
Ballybunion Old – #17 in the World                                   Waterville – #75 in the World
Lahinch Old – #31 in the World                                           Tralee – #98 in the World
Old Head – #68 in the World                                                Dooks – #25 in Ireland


Think you are ready to make a decision now? If after reading those 6 reasons you still find yourself unsure about taking the trip, send us a note or give us a call!  Or, if you have expertly navigated through this list and are ready to say “Yes!”, head to:

Ireland Trip Page – CLICK HERE


Mark Gagne

Director of Member Services