Delta's Most Improved Golfer Challenge - MASSGOLF

Most improved golfer challenge presented by Delta air lines


Are you up for the challenge? Mass Golf has teamed up with Delta Air Lines, the Official Airline of Mass Golf, to determine the Most Improved Golfers of 2024. The Handicap Index® is the ultimate tool for determining improvement in your game and we think this is the year to take your game to the next level!

Winners of the Challenge will receive two complimentary First Class tickets on Delta. (Full details in Challenge Rules & Eligibility section below)



Signing up is easy!

– Read through the Challenge Rules below and make sure you fit the Handicap Index eligibility requirement

– Be a Massachusetts resident

– Confirm your Mass Golf membership is active

– Sign Up for Delta SkyMiles by CLICKING HERE

– Fill out the entry form via the link below

– Play plenty of golf!


*Registrations received with inaccurate information will not be added to the final roster of participants and thus ineligible for any prizes.

**No purchase necessary. Limit one (1) entry per person. 

Entries close on May 31, 2024


  • Eligibility: Entry is open to all active Mass Golf members that are residents of Massachusetts, 18 and older, who are signed up for the Delta SkyMiles program and who fit the established Handicap Index requirements.
  • Established Handicap Index Requirements: Participants must have an established USGA Handicap Index based on a minimum of three (3) 18-hole equivalent scores as of the Revision Date of June 1, 2024.
  • Posting Scores: Players are expected to post ALL ELIGIBLE SCORES immediately after play. Participants must post a minimum of the equivalent of ten (10) 18-hole rounds between June 1 and October 31, 2024 to be eligible to be win. Per the rules of handicapping, 9-hole scores may be used and are combined for an equivalent 18-hole score. All scores are subject to WHS Rules of Handicapping score posting policies.
  • Handicap Indexes Used: The handicap index from the June 1, 2024 Revision will be used as the beginning point for determining improvement through the duration of the Challenge. The handicap index from the October 31, 2024 Revision will be used for determining improvement at the end of the Challenge.
  • Divisions: There will be two (2) divisions, Male and Female. *Sex as indicated in a members profile.
  • Most Improved Golfer Calculation: The USGA’s recommended method for determining the most improved golfer will be used. Please reference calculation details below.
  • Breaking Ties: Ties will be determined by extending beyond three decimal places until a winner is determined.
  • Awards & Prizes: Prizes will be awarded to the most improved golfer (1) from each Division. Each winner will receive two (2) complimentary First Class tickets on Delta to anywhere in the US 48, Mexico and Canada. Terms and conditions apply, please see full terms and conditions below.



*No purchase necessary. Limit one (1) entry per person. Open to all active Mass Golf members. This registration closes at (11:59 pm) Eastern Daylight Time (“EDT”) on (May 31, 2024) for receipt of all entries. Terms and conditions apply, please see full terms and conditions below.


The USGA’s recommended method for determining the most improved golfer will be used. The method is as follows:

Add 12 to the player’s Handicap Index at the start date. This value is A.

Add 12 to the player’s Handicap Index at the end date. This value is B.

Divide value A by value B, calculating to three decimal places. This is the improvement factor. The player with the highest improvement factor should receive the most improved player award.


Example:  Starting Handicap Index: 24.3

Ending Handicap Index: 16.2

Value A: 24.3 + 12 = 36.3

Value B: 16.2 + 12 = 28.2

A / B: 36.3 / 28.2 = 1.287

Improvement factor: 1.287


Ties will be determined by extending beyond three decimal places until a winner is determined.

Example: Player A Improvement Factor (IF): 1.134 (Beg. Index = 15.1, End Index = 11.9)

Player B Improvement Factor (IF): 1.134 (Beg. Index = 31.3, End Index = 26.2)


Player A Expanded IF: 1.1339

Player B Expanded IF: 1.1335


Player A’s IF is larger by .0004 making them the winner.


1. Reservations/Ticketing:

Reservations must be made and tickets issued prior to departure. Tickets must be issued within 24 hours of making reservations. Reservations made

on must be ticketed at time of reservation. The number of seats available for this offer is limited.

2. Certificate Validity:

Certificate must be redeemed and ticket issued by the date stated above. Extensions will not be granted under any circumstances.

3. Fare Basis Code:

*GRATIS (*Insert applicable booking class. Ex: YGRATIS).

4. Minimum Stay:


5. Maximum Stay:


6. Blackout dates:


7. Itinerary:

Stopovers, open segments and wait listing are not permitted, in addition if this certificate is valid for roundtrip travel, circle and double open-jaw trips

are not permitted. For certificates that are valid for roundtrip travel, single legal open-jaw itineraries are permitted.

8. Stopovers:

Stopovers of more than 4 hours for domestic travel or 24 hours for transoceanic travel are not permitted.

9. Routing:

Travel on DL is valid via DL published routings on DL published fares for the permitted area of travel for this certificate. If this certificate is valid for

international travel, non-DL operated flights, if permitted, are only valid for Transatlantic travel between the US (including Puerto

Rico)/Canada/Mexico and Europe/Middle East/Africa. Schedules are not guaranteed and are subject to change without notice. Involuntary denied

boarding compensation, if applicable, will not be paid. Travel on non-DL operated flights is not permitted to/from Russia, Turkey or Mongolia.

10. Transferability:

The certificate is transferable only if it is not associated with an individual”s name. Exception: If the certificate is issued in an individual”s name, the

certificate may be used by a different person as long as the original recipient is traveling with that person in the same reservation. Certificates may

not be transferred for cash or any other consideration. Purchased and/or auctioned certificates are subject to confiscation and travel will not be


11. Taxes/Fees:

Additional taxes/fees/surcharges/inspection and security fees may apply. PFCs do not apply. Any tax liability or other government imposed fees are

the responsibility of the user.

12. Changes/Refunds:

Once ticketed, tickets are nonrefundable after risk free cancel expires. Changes are permitted free of charge, provided the new itinerary meets all

provisions of the program.

13. Baggage Fees:

Standard baggage fees apply and are the responsibility of the passenger.

14. Upgrades:

Eligible to purchase upgrades by paying for the upgrade with credit card or miles; not eligible with certificate-based upgrades.

15. Combinability:

This certificate may not be combined with any other discount, promotional fare also known as a web fare, infant fare, child fare, senior fare, e-cert,

coupon, certificate, ticket designator, reference code, upgrades, promotions or group fares. This certificate only permits travel on a single marketing

carrier in each direction, use of multiple marketing carriers in the same direction of travel is not permitted.

16. Certificate offer:

Limit of one ticket per certificate. Certificate has zero cash value, will be deemed fully used upon surrender and will not be honored retroactively or

in connection with the exchange of any wholly or partially unused ticket. Certificate will not be replaced and cannot be requested. The use of the

certificate offer embodied herein by anyone other than Delta in any advertisement for any purpose, or the purchase or other acquisition of

certificates by persons or entities in the travel service business is strictly prohibited and will render the certificate VOID.

17. SkyMiles:

SkyMiles mileage credit will NOT be awarded for travel with this certificate.

18. Certificate Expiration:

Certificate expiration is as of midnight Eastern Standard Time on the date note above. Travel must be ticketed prior to the certificate expiration date.

19. Ticket Validity:

Once ticketed ticket validity is limited. Please see our Contract of Carriage(s) for further details.

20. Miscellaneous:

This certificate is not valid with miscellaneous charge orders, travel credit vouchers, gift certificates or prepaid tickets. Tickets by mail are permitted,

a paper ticket fee will apply. The number of seats available for use with this authorization is limited. Other conditions may apply. Delta is the final

authority on the interpretation of these rules, and these program terms and conditions may be changed by Delta prior to usage and without advance