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See Which Mass Golf Member Clubs Took Home Cup Titles In The 2022 Spring Team Matches

For Immediate Release: May 27, 2022

NORTON, Massachusetts – The Women’s Spring Team Matches came to an exciting finish Thursday after participants played in five weeks of a statewide tournament amongst fellow Mass Golf Member Club teams.

This year’s Spring Team Matches featured 138 teams divided into 23 different Cups (6 teams of 5 players in each). Every Thursday from April 28-May 26, the teams followed a match rotation schedule with 5 teams in each Cup hosting one match day at their course, while one team in each Cup was designated as a “travel” team. The teams faced a different opponent each week.

The competition used the singles net match play format at 100% handicap. Points were awarded for each hole won or tied in their head-to-head matches. The team with the most points at the conclusion of the five matches was named the winner of that Cup.


The Spring Team Matches date back to 1900 when the Women’s Golf Association of Boston was formed. That year, the original clubs ⁠—  Oakley Country Club, Concord Country Club, Brae Burn Country Club, and The Country Club ⁠— played the first Spring Team matches, and Oakley prevailed winning all three. The WGAB became the Women’s Golf Association of Massachusetts (WGAM) in 1929, and in 2018, the WGAM merged into the Massachusetts Golf Association to form Mass Golf.

Congratulations to all the Cup Winners in Spring 2022

Cup 1 – Country Club Of New Bedford (1) (3-2, 238 points)

Cup 2 – Oakley Country Club (1) (5-0, 238.5 points)

Cup 3 – Marshfield Country Club (1) (5-0, 240.5 points)

Cup 4 – Wahconah Country Club (2) (4-1, 238 points)

Cup 5 – Essex County Club (5-0, 248 points)

Cup 6 – The Ridge Club (4-1, 242.5 points)

Cup 7 – Needham Golf Club (4-1, 239 points)

Cup 8 – Walpole Country Club (2-1-2, 238.5 points)

Cup 9 – The Captains Golf Course (4-1, 246.5 points)

Cup 10 – Marlborough Country Club (3-2, 236.5 points)

Cup 11 – Gannon Municipal Golf Course (1) (5-0, 263.5 points)

Cup 12 – Wahconah Country Club (1) (4-1, 255 points)

Cup 13 – Hopkinton Country Club (4-1, 243 points)

Cup 14 – Myopia Hunt Club (4-0, 196.5 points)

Cup 15 – Wollaston Golf Club (1) (4-1, 237.5 points)

Cup 16 – Brae Burn Country Club (5-0, 237.5 points)

Cup 17 – The Kittansett Club (4-1, 244.5 points)

Cup 18 – Indian Ridge Country Club (3-1-1, 238 points)

Cup 19 – Dedham Country & Polo Club (2) (4-1, 246.5 points)

Cup 20 – Nabnasset Lake Country Club (3) (5-0, 250.5 points)

Cup 21 – Thorny Lea Golf Club (2) (5-0, 249.5 points)

Cup 22 – Gannon Municipal Golf Course (2) (4-1, 245.5 points)

Cup 23 – Rockport Golf Club (4-1, 256 points)


The Women’s Fall Cup Matches will begin Thursday, September 8. The statewide tournament consists of 3 matches played in September between Member Club teams. The Fall Cup Championship will then take place October 11 at Renaissance in Haverhill.

For more information on Mass Golf’s Women’s Cup Matches, please reach out to Naomi Nesenoff via email ( or phone (774-430-9012).


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