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The List: Tips For The Offseason

By: Nia Fredrich

Set your golf resolutions

The new year typically brings a sense of goal setting for the year to come. I am a firm believer that resolutions should come for different aspects of your life and that they should be attainable in a sense that it’s something you can work toward. I put golf in it’s own category, but it is still a perfect time to set some goals. How many rounds would you like to play? How many bogey-free rounds would you like to play? Can you play 9 holes without a 3-putt? Is it the year to finally get new clubs? What about playing with a few new friends? While some of these might seem quite simple or things we tell ourselves to make sure we do during the season, there are easy ways to work toward making them happen. Book your tee times in advance. Work on the range and extra few days a week. Take lessons. Practice putting. Schedule an appointment to get fit for new clubs. Coordinate schedules with your friends and book a tee time. While an aspirational goal of lowering your handicap or winning a Mass Golf Championship may be something you’re yearning to do, these resolutions should really speak to the state of your game and making small advancements.

Clean out your golf bag + take inventory

It’s the perfect time to give everything in your bag a tune-up. Take everything out, throw away the trash and the month old snacks. Clean your clubs, give them a good scrub. Restock what you need, clean off your shoes, and make sure to do any maintenance you may need. Re-grip your clubs, replace the ones that need to be replaced, and set your in-season self up for success.

Think about fitness that can help your game

I’ve provided many videos of fitness for your game. Between Titleist videos to Kathy Ekdahl’s fitness tips in our women’s newsletter, an array of instruction is available at your finger tips online. The initiative to train your body and prepare it for golf season will help you avoid being stiff in the joints and feeling like you haven’t used your golf muscles in way too long.

Consider taking lessons

The winter is a really great time to get in touch with where your game is. You can also take the time to meet with a professional and get the right tune ups for your game before the heart of the golf season.

Take a golf trip

You can still post scores in active states, so use this as an excuse to escape the cold and get in a few rounds in under the sun. At this point in the season, it’s also a good time to cross some (warm weather) bucket-list courses off the list.

Renew your Mass Golf membership + register for events

The schedule is (almost) fully set for 2024, which means it’s time to mark your calendar and make sure you register for the events you want to participate in this year. Before doing so, double check that you renew your Mass Golf membership for 2024. Events for 2024 are welcoming for anyone interested in playing, competitive or not. Our women’s intro to golf play days are getting a whole new revamp. They will still be inclusive whether you’ve played for years or have never picked up a club. Spring Team Matches are set to take place before we know it, and then Fall Cup will be around the corner. Team tournaments are also a fun way to play with a friend, significant other, parent, or child. And of course Women’s Championships also await all registration!

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