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Past presidents

When the merger between the Massachusetts Golf Association (MGA) and Women’s Golf Association of Massachusetts (WGAM) became official on January 1, 2018, two organizations became one. Both organizations brought a combined 200+ years of history together.

Below is a list of individuals who made an indelible mark on each respective organization by serving as president for the WGAM and MGA dating back to 1900. On behalf of Mass Golf, we thank each and every one for their dedicated service to the game of golf.

WGAM President Home Club Years of Service
Mrs. Franz E. Zerrahn  The Country Club 1900-1902 
Miss Grace B. Keyes  Concord Country Club 1902-1907 
Miss Louisa A. Wells  The Country Club 1907-1913 
Mrs. E.C. Wheeler Jr.  Wollaston Golf Club 1913-1914 
Miss Harriot I. Curtis  The Country Club 1915-1916 
Miss Eleanor W. Allen  Oakley Country Club 1917-1920 
Mrs. Donald M. Belcher  Winchester Country Club 1921-1922 
Mrs. Raynor M. Gardiner  Weston Golf Club 1923-1924 
Miss Fannie C. Osgood  Brae Burn Country Club 1925-1929 
Miss Eleanor W. Allen  Oakley Country Club 1930-1933 
Miss Frances E. Stebbins  Brae Burn Country Club 1934-1937 
Miss Margaret Curtis  The Country Club 1938-1941 
Miss Deborah Verry  Tatnuck Country Club 1942-1943 
Miss Frances E. Stebbins  Brae Burn Country Club 1944-1945 
Mrs. Edward H. Baker  Oakley Country Club 1946-1947 
Mrs. Henry B. Jackson  The Country Club 1948-1949 
Mrs. Henri F. Prunaret  Charles River Country Club 1950-1951 
Mrs. Donald M. Belcher  Winchester Country Club 1952-1953 
Miss Frances E. Stebbins  Brae Burn Country Club 1954
Mrs. Charles F. Eaton, Jr.  Duxbury Yacht Club 1954-1957 
Mrs. Winthrop G. Dow  Dedham Country & Polo Club 1958-1959 
Mrs. Edward L. Peirson  Salem Country Club 1960-1963 
Mrs. Vincent Farnsworth, Jr.  Winchester Country Club 1964-1965 
Mrs. Paul L. Hutchinson  Brae Burn Country Club 1966-1967 
Mrs. Paul G. Black  Marshfield Country Club 1968-1971 
Mrs. Howard H. Grayson  Pine Brook Country Club 1972-1975 
Mrs. J. Paul Sheeran  Winchester Country Club 1976-1977 
Mrs. Samuel E. Cutler, Jr.  Concord Country Club 1978-1979 
Mrs. E. Norman Peterson, Jr.  Duxbury Yacht Club 1980-1981 
Mrs. William Scheft  Belmont Country Club 1982-1983 
Mrs. John J. Sullivan  Wollaston Golf Club 1984-1985 
Mrs. David D. Parker  Wellesley Country Club 1986-1987 
Mrs. Hatheway E. White  Westborough Country Club 1988-1989 
Mrs. Gregory Savian  Ipswich Country Club 1990-1991 
Miss H. Louise Mariani  Braintree Golf Course 1992-1993 
Mrs. James F. Tobin  Bellevue Golf Club 1994-1995 
Mrs. Robert L. Fish  Concord Country Club 1996-1997 
Suzanne E. Nelson  Charles River Country Club 1998-1999 
Sara Hastings Foehl  Dedham Country & Polo Club 2000-2001 
Susan J. Dean  Foxborough Country Club 2002-2003 
Judith A. Norton  Indian Ridge Country Club 2004-2005 
Pamela S. Green  Belmont Country Club 2006-2007 
Anne Farrington  The Country Club 2008-2009 
Terry Wappel  Foxborough Country Club 2010-2011 
Cindy Zattich  Butter Brook Golf Club 2012-2013 
Megan Bearce Thorny Lea Golf Club 2014 – 2015
Leslie Logan TPC Boston 2016-2017
MGA President Club Affiliation Years of Service
G. Herbert Windeler The Country Club 1903-1910
Herbert Jaques The Country Club 1911-1914
Harry L. Ayer Essex County Club 1915-1916
Henry W. Wilder Vesper Country Club 1917-1918
Albert D. Locke Brae Burn Country Clublub 1919
Barton K. Stephenson Winchester Country Club Club 1920-1921
Everett S. Litchfield The Country Club 1922-1923
William F. Garcelon Commonwealth Country Clubntry Club 1924-1925
Raynor M. Gardiner Weston Golf Club 1926-1927
Harold W. Pierce The Country Club 1928
Alvah W. Rydstrom Norfolk Golf Club 1929-1930
Talbot C. Chase Oakley Country Club 1931-1932
Charles H. Cross Unicorn Golf Club 1933-1934
Charles E. Mason The Country Club 1935-1936
Erastus B. Badger Winchester Country Club Club 1937-1938
C. Campbell Patterson, Jr. The Country Club 1939-1940
Melville P. Merritt Tedesco Country Clubb 1941-1942
William O. Blaney Brae Burn Country Clublub 1943-1944
Joseph M. Batchelder Salem Country Club 1945-1946
Benjamin F. Jaques Blue Hill Country Clubb 1947-1948
Osmund O. Keiver Tedesco Country Clubb 1949
Clarence Cochrane Bellevue Golf Club 1950-1951
Clark Hodder Framingham Country Cluby Club 1952
George O. Russell, Jr. Weston Golf Club 1953-1954
John W. Goodrich The Country Club 1955-1956
Joseph A. Galvin, Jr. Brae Burn Country Clublub 1957-1958
Leon S. Bishop Thorny Lea Golf Club 1959-1960
Duncan Dewar, Jr. Worcester Country Clublub 1961
Edward L. Butler Duxbury Yacht Club 1961-1962
William G. Harding Dedham Country & Polo ClubPolo Club 1963-1964
Arthur W. Rice, Jr. Weston Golf Club 1965-1966
Charles M. Pyle, Jr. The Country Club 1967-1968
Henry F. Wischusen Bellevue Golf Club 1969-1970
John P. English Taconic Golf Club 1971
Curtis M. Carr Pleasant Valley Country Clubtry Club 1972
Lionel MacDuff Salem Country Club 1973-1974
John Arnold Duxbury Yacht Club 1975-1976
James B. Wilcox Winchester Country Club Club 1977-1978
A. Dixon Sykes Weston Golf Club 1979-1980
Andrew C. Bailey Dedham Country & Polo ClubPolo Club 1981
Ferdinand L. Carangelo Tedesco Country Clubb 1982-1983
Harry B. McCracken, Jr. Charles River Country Cluby Club 1984-1985
Ray C. Bump, Jr. Country Club of Halifaxax 1986-1987
William C. Foley Wollaston Golf Club 1988-1989
Robert G. Dowling III Hyannisport Club 1990-1991
Paul S. Evans Duxbury Yacht Club 1992-1993
Daniel L. Hurley Indian Ridge Country Cluby Club 1994-1995
John R. Perry, Jr. Weston Golf Club 1996-1997
Oliver G. Kelley The Milton-Hoosic Clubub 1998-1999
Cary R. Jubinville The Orchards Golf Clubub 2000-2001
Michael J. Reilly Dedham Country & Polo ClubPolo Club 2002-2003
Jay H. Tracy Hyannisport Club 2004-2005
Richard P. Osborn Cohasset Golf Club 2006-2007
George H. Pendergast, Jr. The Country Club 2008 – 2009
Jack F. Dezieck Wyantenuck Country Cluby Club 2010 – 2011
Paul M. Burke, Jr. Vesper Country Club 2012 – 2013
Clarence J. Bennett Longmeadow Country Clubry Club 2014 – 2015
Thomas F. Bagley III Oak Hill Country Clubb 2016-2017
Cameron Read The Country Club 2018-2019
Thomas R. Berkel Wyantenuck Country Club 2020-2021
Alan G. Macdonald Winchester Country Club 2022-2023
Mass Golf President Club Affiliation Years of Service
Megan T. Bearce Thorny Lea Golf Club 2024-Present