2024 Spring Team Matches - MASSGOLF

2024 Spring Team Matches

Host Participating Clubs

April 25, May 2, May 9, May 16, May 23 (No Rain Dates)

ENTRY OPEN: Wednesday, November 1, 2023
ENTRY CLOSE: Friday, January 12, 2024 at 5:00 PM




The Women’s Spring Team Matches are a statewide tournament consisting of 5 matches played on Thursdays (April & May) between 6 Mass Golf Member Club teams in each Cup. The format is singles net match play at 100% handicap allowance.  Points are awarded for each hole won or tied.


A player must have an active Handicap Index® of 54.0 or less and be active on the GHIN roster of the club or course the team is representing. Each player must have posted five, 18-hole scores during the 2023 calendar year. Players with a Handicap Index higher than 36.0 will be limited to a 36.0 Playing Handicap for Spring Team Matches.  We will be using the April 1st, 2024 handicap update for all matches. Teams are made up of 5 players from your club or course.  All team members should be available to play on each of the match dates and will be listed on a set roster. Your club or course can field one, two or three teams (up to a total of 15 players). Once a team is set, substitutes may be used only if necessary and when so, team captains are required to find a substitute with a similar Handicap Index.  Each team must be willing to offer two available dates to host one match day at their club or course, with the exception of one “travel” team in each Cup. Each Cup’s match day will consist of 6 teams with 5 players for a total of 30 players.


Teams are coordinated by a designated captain at each participating Member Club. Only the captain or club contact can submit the registration. They are responsible for submitting the club authorization forms and rosters online prior to the season. A single representative from a Member Club can complete the registration for up to three teams.