Member Now! FAQs - MASSGOLF

Frequently asked questions

To help Member Clubs learn more about this new service, a series of Frequently Asked Questions have been developed below.

How Does it Work?

Simply stated, the Members Now! Program enables golfers to obtain an Mass Golf/USGA GHIN number online with participating Mass Golf Member Clubs.

This online program is integrated 100% with the GHIN system, so that a new member’s information will be automatically added to GHIN. No manual input at the club level is required.

Why Should Mass Golf Member Clubs Sign Up?

It’s an easy way to acquire new members or help your existing members renew for the upcoming season. Many interested golfers contact our office and ask about membership opportunities. We refer them to your facilities, but there is no way of tracking their next steps. Did they follow up with you or did they get distracted and never connect with you and the sport? The Members Now! Program will allow these new golfers to engage immediately and for you to obtain a new member without any additional work or cost.

The program will also take away hours of work at the club level. Instead of having to inactivate your entire membership in the spring and then process all new and renewals for the upcoming season, the Members Now! Program will automate the system. When a member signs up, their information and GHIN # status will be automatically added to the GHIN system. It will reduce the labor hours of your staff dramatically. It will also allow members to sign up even when the pro shop is closed (off hours, etc.)

What is the Cost?

There is no additional cost for the program. Each participating Mass Golf Member Club will be able to set one fee for both new and renewal members. That policy will be in place for all participating clubs.

No credit card fees, purchasing fees or up-charges will be added to that total. Whatever fee you decide will be the amount billed to the golfer and will be credited on your next billing statement.

In addition, each club will have the opportunity to provide a summary of club benefits. That information will be displayed on screen as the individual is signing up for a new membership or renewing for the upcoming season. Within that club benefits section, you could most certainly offer some type of incentive or discount (to be provided to the member when they arrive at your facility) for any new or renewal memberships. For instance, you could offer a $5 pro shop coupon for any new member or perhaps one complimentary cart fee for a renewal.

How Do I Know I Have New Member?

The new member account will be added to the GHIN system. They will show up in your membership list as “active”. The list of new members and the amount credited to your account will be included in your next billing statement.

The designated contact at your club will also receive an email notification of any new or renewing member.

What Do You Need to Get Started?

Once a club decides to join the Members Now! Program, they need to complete the Members Now! online form and provide Mass Golf with the following information:

  1. The price you want to charge an individual member for obtaining or renewing a Mass Golf/USGA GHIN # through your facility. The price will be the same for both options.
  2. A list of benefits that your club offers individual members. This can also be an overview of your club.
  3. A contact person at your club for 1) billing and 2) membership questions.

Upon completion of this form, Mass Golf will do the following to prepare for the activation of the program:

  1. Mark Gagne – Director of Member Services – will contact you directly to review your current roster and answer any questions you might have.
  2. Mass Golf will send a notification to all of the members in the system alerting them to their inactive status. They will encourage the individual golfers in your system to renew via The Members Now! Program or directly through your pro shop.

What is the Duration of an Individual Membership?

The GHIN membership will be valid through the end of the existing calendar year (preferred) or a date mutually agreed upon by the participating club and Mass Golf. For instance, if a golfer signs up for a GHIN number through your club on April 9, 2018, the GHIN number will remain active until December 31, 2018. This inactive date will be set in the “Automatic Inactivation Dates” section.

How Can I Manage Their Accounts?

The new member will be added to your system the same way you would add a new member at your facility without the manual input. You can manage all of their contact information, score posting activity, etc.

Member Clubs will also have the ability to change the fee for new members and renewals at anytime during the year. Each Mass Golf Member Club has the ability to set their fees; Mass Golf is simply providing the framework and serving as a conduit for the transaction. Member Clubs simply need to contact Mass Golf and alert them to any fee changes for their facility.

What Will the Golfer Receive?

Upon completion of the process, the golfer will receive a confirmation email directly from Mass Golf. Your designated contact person at the club will also receive a copy of that email so that you know – in real time – when golfers have been added to your system either as a renewal or new golfer.

Can Existing Members Renew for the Season?

Mass Golf Member Clubs can also allow existing members to renew their Mass Golf/USGA GHIN number for the season via Mass Golf Members Now! Program. The fee for both new and renewing members will be the same and is set by Mass Golf Member Club.

Renewals have proven to be a helpful option, especially for members looking to renew during the off and shoulder seasons. It will also bring in revenue during those slow months and ensure that your members return once the season begins in the Northeast.

The process for renewals is simple. When a golfer logs into their My Mass Golf Home portal via, they will see a “Renew Now” option next to their club membership. They can click on the “renew now” button and process payment for the upcoming season. Once the renewal process has been completed, the member will become active in your system for the membership duration. The renewal fee will be credited to your account in the next billing cycle.

Can I still take new members and renew members at the club level?

Of course! The Members Now! program will supplement and enhance what you are already doing at the club level. You can still process new members and renewals as you have done in the past. Mass Golf is simply offering new and existing members yet another way to secure their membership and relationship with your club.

Are There Reasons Not to Do This?

No. Other state and regional golf associations have implemented similar programs and have reported great success in getting new golfers into the sport and reducing the number of inactive golfers in their system. It is truly a “grow the game” initiative that is proving to be effective at the grass-roots level.

Mass Golf is committed to assisting its Member Clubs and growing the game. This is a program aimed at accomplishing those core missions. If clubs do not choose to be a part of the program, their club will not appear in the list of “available clubs” when new golfers search for a club in their area.

It would be a missed opportunity to secure new business, increase revenues and build new membership relationships.

How Will Mass Golf Promote This Program?

Mass Golf will be utilizing all of its communication vehicles (MassGolfer magazine, e-revision blasts, web site, social media, etc.) to promote this service and to engage new golfers and those who may be thinking about not renewing for the upcoming season.

This program will be especially important in Mass Golf’s ongoing efforts to reach out and engage individuals who have remained inactive in the GHIN system for one to two years. That is an important group that we want to connect with and keep in the sport.

An icon and link to new and/or renewal memberships will also be placed as part of a participating Mass Golf Member Club’s home page in Mass Golf Member Club Database, which is one of the most viewed sections of Mass Golf web site.

We feel that it’s important to get the word out and make it easier for a golfer to become engaged and a fan for life.