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A PLUG-and-PLAY tool Kit for Members Now! Clubs

Below is a tool kit for Member Clubs that offer membership through the Members Now! program. Included in this tool kit is the following which were built as plug-and-play resources for you and your staff:



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MEMBERS NOW!: Suggested Email

Existing member, customer and tee time data is the best way to spread the word about how easy it is to connect with your club online. Mass Golf has made it easy for you to reach out to your existing email lists by providing you with the cut/paste email message below.

Simply copy the text and paste it into your email distribution program.


Subject: Join Our Club Online Today Through Members Now!
Date: Today
From: Your Club

Dear Golfer:

We are happy to announce that you are now able to renew your GHIN # online or – if you don’t have one yet – establish a GHIN # through our club for the 2021 season.

Our club has partnered with Mass Golf to allow you to renew or obtain a new GHIN # through the Mass Golf’s web site – – and its online program called Members Now!. It is an easy way to become immediately active for the season if you don’t have time to swing by the pro shop. Once you renew or sign up online, you will be connected to our club and can take advantage of everything our club has to offer.

Getting started is very easy. CLICK HERE to be brought to the Members Now! sign up page. You can select either new member (if you are a GHIN first timer) or renew if you have had a GHIN # with our club or any other club in Massachusetts. Follow the simple steps and then just be sure to select our club from the drop-down menu when it asks you to select your club of choice.

We realize that golfers have many choices of where to play golf, so we appreciate your support of our course. Adopting the Members Now! program is just another example of how we are trying to do our best to make playing golf easier for you.

If you have any questions we encourage you to call or stop by the pro shop. We love to see our members.

Yours In Golf,


MEMBERS NOW!: Suggested Social Media Posts


With Mass Golf’s Members Now! program, it has never been easier to obtain a GHIN Handicap Index and begin playing today! [Fill in the Blank Club] is now part of the #MassGolf Members Now! Program. Click here to get started ➡️

[User Note: When posting on Facebook, be sure to add the following graphic to go along with your text post.]

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Example 1:

When it comes to golf, having a handicap index is just as important as remembering your clubs! [Insert Club Name] makes it easy as part of the #MassGolf Members Now! Program!


Example 2:

Handicapping is an integral part of golf that ensures fair play and fun competition. [Insert Club Name] is now a part of the #MassGolf Members Now! program and can get you set up with your index!

Learn More:

Example 3:

It has never been easier to obtain a GHIN Handicap and begin playing today! [Fill in the Bank Club] is now part of the @PlayMassGolf Members Now! program! Get started today!


[User Note: When posting on Twitter, be sure to add the following graphic to go along with your text post.]

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[Insert Club Name] is now a part of the @PlayMassGolf Members Now! program, which means obtaining your GHIN Handicap Index has never been easier! Visit to learn more. #MassGolf [User Note: When posting on Instagram, be sure to add the graphic below to go along with your text post.]

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The following is a link to an interactive tour of the many benefits that YOUR members will receive through Mass Golf just by obtaining a GHIN # through your facility. These benefits are delivered directly to your members through Mass Golf.

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