2021 Mass Golf Event Registration - MASSGOLF

new Event Registration process for 2021

Mass Golf is happy to announce that beginning with this upcoming season, we will be using USGA Tournament Management for online event registration. Registrations for all championships, women’s championships, women’s tournaments, mixed team and parent/child tournaments will be done using USGA Tournament Management. Please note that the registration process for Member Days, Spring Teams and Fall Cup will NOT be affected by this change.

Registration Open Dates

Event registration will “open” on Tuesday, March 2nd for a select number of events. Complete Registration Open Schedule for all Mass Golf events can be found by clicking the link.

Event Registration Profile Required

All competitors will need to create an “event registration profile” in USGA Tournament Management this season. This profile will be your “go to” account for all future Mass Golf event registrations for championships, women’s championships, women’s tournaments, mixed team and parent/child tournaments. Please see below for step-by-step instructions on how to create your USGA Tournament Management profile.

Already have a USGA Tournament Management profile?

Anyone who has created a USGA Tournament Management profile in the past with your home club or another association will still need to register for an account. However, please be sure to use the same email address and password that you used when creating a profile at your home club or with another association. 



How to Create Your Profile


1) Click on the following link to be brought to the Player Profile Registration | Log-in page: massgolfregister.golfgenius.com

2) Click the “Click Here to Register” button outlined in pink below and enter your GHIN Number and Last Name



You must have an active GHIN number at a Mass Golf member club to create your profile. If you do not have an active GHIN Number please click here to obtain one via the Members Now! program, or contact your home club to have them activate (reactivate) you in the club’s handicap system.

3) Fill out all required portions of the Registration Form and click “Register”

4) Confirm Email & Username via confirmation email

5) Your profile has been created and you may now register for Mass Golf events



How to Register for an Event

1) Find the schedules for Championships, Women’s Championships, Women’s Tournaments and Mixed Team & Parent/Child Tournaments under the “Events Schedules” tab. Please note, the events schedules are not available at this time – but please see the links below for the updates event schedules on MassGolf.org.



2021 EVENT SCHEDULES: Championships | Women’s Championships | Women’s Tournaments | Mixed Team & Parent /Child Tournaments


2) All events you are eligible to register for will have an active “Register Now” link in the top right corner of each event listing. Click “Register Now” on the event and follow the steps of the Registration Form to complete your event registration.

Note: If you are ineligible for the event, by hovering your cursor over “Register Now”, you will see why you are ineligible




How to Register for a qualifier

To register for a qualifier for an applicable championship, you can register for the qualifier by clicking on the championship you are looking to qualify for on the event schedule. You will then be prompted to select a qualifying site after clicking the “Register Now” button.



Note: players are permitted to play in one qualifying round per championship. If you wish to change qualifying site after registering for a qualifier, please contact a member of the Mass Golf Championship Department directly.



If you are experiencing issues creating an account or logging into an account, please refer to our TROUBLESHOOTING AND FAQ PAGE.

If you have any additional questions, please contact Kevin Eldridge – keldridge@massgolf.org – (774) 430-9103