2019 Senior Four-Ball Championship Exemptions - MASSGOLF

2019 Senior Four-ball Exemptions

The following individuals are exempt for the 2019 Senior Four-Ball Championship.

Although exempt according to the conditions and regulations of the event, these players are only eligible to compete in Championship Proper if they submit the stipulated entry form and fee prior to the entry close date.

Category #1

Top 20 teams and ties from the 2018 Senior Four-Ball Championship

Jon Fasick & Carter Fasick

Brian Secia & David Holmes

Ronald Laverdiere & Michael Mertes

Frank Vana, Jr. & Michael McCarthy

Paul Heffernan, Jr. & William Hadden

Jim Ruschioni & Paul Nunez

Rick Marcos & Robert Hickman

Bill Vine & Marc Forbes

James Mihalek & Stephen Mihalek

Steve Camara & Bob Reis

Keith Smith & Dave Turgeon

Paul Mitchell & Allen Chase

Bill Coletti & Alexander Lindsey

Tom McIsaac & Jim Doyle

William Heffernan & Patrick Kline

Jeffrey Page & David Page

Joe Walker & Kevin Carey

Ken Fitzpatrick & Hal Marshall

Paul Murphy & Jim Finnerty

Joe Sullivan & Peter Cunningham

Ray Richard & David Pierce