2022 Amateur Public Links Championship Exemptions - MASSGOLF

2022 amateur public links Exemptions

The following individuals are exempt for the 2022 Amateur Public Links Championship.

Although exempt according to the conditions and regulations of the event, these players are only eligible to compete in Championship Proper if they submit the stipulated entry form and fee prior to the entry close date.

Category #1

Amateur Public Links Champions of the last five (5) years, if eligible

2021 – James Imai

2020 – Bill Drohen

2019 – Ryan Riley

2018 – Owen Quinn

2017 – Benjamin Spitz


Category #2

Twenty (20) lowest scorers and ties in the 2021 Amateur Public Links Championship, if eligible

James Imai

Arthur Zelmati

Bill Drohen

Daniel Falcucci

Christopher Piumelli

Bryan Adkison

Cam Moniz

Brian Foley

Randy Parker

Phil Miceli

John Keenan

James Levere

David Falcucci

Dean Godek

David LaPlante

Mark Waskiewicz

Sam Hood

Joe Walker

Brian Secia

Zachary Kovat

Tim West


Category #3

Amateur Champions the last five (5) years, if eligible

2021 – Michael Thorbjornsen

2020 – Matthew Organisak

2019 – Steven DiLisio

2018 – Patrick Frodigh

2017 – Matt Parziale


Category #4

2021 Junior, Senior, Super Senior and Mid-Amateur Champions, if eligible

Colin Spencer

Keith Smith

Don Reycroft

Matt Parziale


Category #5

Top fifteen (15) finishers and ties in the 2021 Richard D. Haskell Player of the Year standings, if eligible

Matt Parziale

Chris Francoeur

Ben Spitz

Michael Thorbjornsen

Nick Maccario

Xavier Marcoux

Owen Quinn

Weston Jones

Andrew DiRamio

Kyle Tibbetts

Brandon Parker

Doug Clapp

Kevin Gately

Dillon Brown

Ryan Riley


Category #6

Top four (4) finishers and ties in the 2021 George M. Cohen Senior Player of the Year standings, if eligible

Keith Smith

John McNeill

Frank Vana

John Hadges


Category #7

2021 Player of the Year, Junior Player of the Year and Senior Player of the Year, if eligible

Matt Parziale

Weston Jones

Keith Smith


Category #8

2021 Amateur Round of 32, if eligible

Ben Spitz

Joe Harney

Matt Parziale

Jonathan Hill

Christopher Bornhorst

Owen Quinn

Ricky Stimets

Anthony Vecchiarelli

Michael Thorbjornsen

Dan Howard

Patrick Frodigh

Michael Amari

Kyle Tibbetts

Chris Francoeur

Christian Emmerich

Weston Jones

Colin Spencer

Henry Hall

Kevin Gately

Frank Vana

Dan Head

Daniel Brooks

George Zolotas

Eric Lifson

Alex Snickenberger

Andrew DiRamio

Andy Luther

A.J. Oleksak

Max Hutter

Ryan Downes

Sean Fitzpatrick

Ryan Riley


Category #9

2021 NEGA Amateur and Senior Amateur Champions, if eligible

Cody Paladino (CT)

John McNeill