Tri-States Matches | Golf Championships | MA, CN, RI

Tri-State Matches


The history of the Tri-State Matches dates back to 1907 when the team from Massachusetts was victorious at the Agawam Hunt Club in Providence, Rhode Island. The current format that features three teams competing over a two-day period was formalized in 1928. Teams from Massachusetts, Rhode Island and Connecticut now come together each fall to compete for the regional title. Individual amateur golfers are selected each year by each golf associations. Read More


In 1898, the Women’s Golf Association of Philadelphia initiated an intercity competition when it challenged a group of women from the Morris County Country Club, an all-women’s club in New Jersey, to a match at Merion Golf Club in Haverford, Pennsylvania. In 1902, the first three-city challenge – featuring New York, Pennsylvania and Massachusetts – was held at what was then called Baltusrol Links. The following year saw the beginning of the annual rotation of the tournament among the three cities. Read More


The Junior Inter-City Cup is an annual competition between The Women’s Golf Association of Philadelphia, the Metropolitan Golf Association (NY), and Mass Golf (formerly The Women’s Golf Association of Massachusetts).  The event was first played in 1955. Each Association is represented by a team of five (5) of its best golfers. They compete for three points in a Nassau match against one player from each state (threesomes). A player may earn a total of three points against each of her two opponents (one point for winning the front nine, one point for winning the back nine, and one point for winning the match). A player who wins all matches against both opponents would earn a total of six points. The winner of the Junior Inter-City Cup is the association winning the most points. Read More