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Mobile Scoring & Digital Scorecards

Mass Golf will be utilizing the Mobile Scoring/Digital Scorecards feature of the USGA Tournament Management (Golf Genius) mobile app for Championships, Women’s Championships, Women’s Tournaments, Mixed Team & Parent/Child Events, and Qualifiers.

Digital Scorecards are a mobile app scoring feature that allows Mass Golf competitors to:

-Act as a marker and enter scores for other players
-Enter their own marker’s notes
-Review and certify scores after the round

Competitors are encouraged to download the USGA Tournament Management/Golf Genius Mobile App prior to their arrival at a Mass Golf event. Please refer to the direct links below to download the app on your Android, or iPhone device(s).

Google Play

Apple Store


Mobile Scoring & Digital Scorecards Player Instructions: 

Mobile Scoring & Digital Scorecards FAQ:

  • Where can I find my Player GGID?
    • Mass Golf competitors will receive their unique Player GGID via text message the morning of, or the night before the start of competition. Additionally, all starting tees will have Player GGID information readily available for all competitors in the field.
  • Do I have to participate in Mobile Scoring?
    • Yes – all competitors will be required to have their mobile device(s) readily available at the start of the competition. Competitors are encouraged to arrive at the competition with their mobile device(s) fully charged.
  • How can I limit distractions while using my mobile device(s) during the competition?
    • Competitors are encouraged to set their mobile device(s) to “DO NOT DISTURB” mode prior to the start of their round. This will allow competitors to completely avoid any/all distractions from incoming calls, text messages, emails, and any other potential notifications. Mass Golf will not accept mobile device(s) being a distraction as an excuse for competitors to forgo the Mobile Scoring requirement.