Lessons From The Links - MASSGOLF

Get your game ready with lessons from the links

New for 2020, Mass Golf is excited to offer its members video lessons to help them with on-course play. Be sure to reach out to a PGA Professional from your Mass Golf Member Club for further info, tips and lessons. We will continue to release new lessons both here and on our social media outlets.


Lesson #1 – Power & Consistency

Gain power and consistency off the tee with the 90-90 rule.


Lesson #2 – Pendulum Putting Stroke

See how the Pendulum Putting Stroke can help you control distance on the greens.


Lesson #3 – Soft Chip Shot

In this lesson, you will see how to hit a soft pitch shot from around the green that doesn’t roll out too far.


Lesson #4 – Playing A Hook Shot

Learn how to properly hook your ball around a tree or other object in the way of your target.


Lesson #5 – Eliminate Your Slice

We show you how to eliminate the “over-the-top” move which is a common cause for hitting a slice.


Lesson #6 – Using Simulator Numbers

Here, we show you how using the GOLFZON Simulators at The Links at Mass Golf can help get your game ready for the Spring. Information on the Grand Opening Event: linksatmassgolf.org


Lesson #7 – Flop Shot

Learn how to hit a flop shot to help get over a bunker while landing softly.