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Team Mass Golf Completes Another 100 Hole Hike To Support Youth Golf

For Immediate Release: September 21, 2023

NORTON, Massachusetts – This week, 11 players completed 100 holes each in one day. With a small weather reschedule from the rain on Monday, 10 hikers started their trek on Thursday morning in spectacular conditions.

A week prior, Mass Golf Executive Director/CEO Jesse Menachem, completed his 100 hole hike at the break of dawn.

Playing 100 holes is not something you complete for fun everyday, especially in conditions as warm and sunny as it was on Thursday, but it’s for the greater cause. Each hiker is raising money to support Youth On Course, which gives its youth members aged 6-18 access to play at any participating course throughout the Bay State and across the country for only $5 per round.

Youth on Course is a simple yet effective program for the next generation of golfers to have access to the game across the Commonwealth. With donations throughout the year and specifically during this 100 Hole Hike, affordable golf is made easily accessible to share the game.

Online: 100 Hole Hike – Team Mass Golf | Youth On Course Homepage

Team Mass Golf gathers together before they take on 100 Holes (Mass Golf)

Sally DeGan has been a staple in the Team Mass Golf roster for the 100 hole hike the past few years. As a friendly spirit to all and an advocate for the game, she keep things interesting this year by carrying 3 clubs, and only setting them all down on the tee. She made most of her shots one-handed all day.

“Wow, I’m a little sore, the knees are getting old, but what a gorgeous day to be out raising money for kids to be able to play golf for $5. What could be better than that” said Degan.

For words of encouragement to her peers and those who may not have hiked before, DeGan requests “I hope to see a lot more people out here next year. Come on buddies, join me in the 100 Hole Hike.”

Sally Degan walks in her final putt: One-handed! (Mass Golf)

For Chris McKernan, a first time hiker and so-called “retired golfer” from Beverly, MA, he was interested in the hike to keep raising money for kids like his to play.

“I stopped playing about 25 years ago, but started up again less than two years ago because I have two young boys, ages 8 and 12, that are enjoying the sport because of Youth on Course,” said McKernan.

Over the course of the day, McKernan was not taking things too seriously. As the game of golf would have it, McKernan ended the day with 15-birdies and at least one on every hole.

He was able to enjoy a portion of his round with other first time hikers, Andy Sklar and Matt Burns who were both in agreement that there was no better way to spend their day.

Burns, McKernan, and Sklar finish their 100th hole (left to right) (MassGolf)

Last week, Jesse Menachem completed his 100 hole hike and carded 10-birdies. He has hiked every year to support Youth on Course and affordable golf, but under the conditions of receiving donations for those in support of these programs.

“Check out our page, show these kids some love, and let’s take care of the next generation of golfers here in Massachusetts.”

Jesse Menachem fist pumps after dropping in a birdie-putt (Mass Golf)


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Even after the 100 Hole Hike is complete, donations are still being accepted for each member of Team Mass Golf. Each hiker tracked their birdies on the course. If you feel inclined to donate from their performance, results are below.


For more information on becoming a Youth on Course member through Mass Golf, please visit or contact Kyle Sherman (, Manager of Member Events & Services, with any questions.

CLICK HERE to learn about Youth On Course benefits:


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