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It’s Not Too Late: Renew Or Obtain a Handicap Index Today Through Members Now! & You’ll Receive a special Bonus

for immediate release: October 5, 2018

NORTON, Massachusetts – We’ve been hearing that too many golfers are reporting that they didn’t get a chance to play as much golf as they wanted this past season. Since there is nothing better than playing a round of golf – especially during the peak fall months – Mass Golf is working with more than 45 Member Clubs to offer golfers the chance to renew today online through and remain active through the 2019 season.


Through the Members Now! program and beginning during the month of October, golfers will enjoy up to three bonus months of active status for their Mass Golf/USGA GHIN Handicap index. What that means is that if you renew today, your Mass Golf/USGA GHIN Handicap index will remain active until December 31, 2019.

To take advantage of this opportunity, golfers that currently have an inactive handicap index simply need to renew online at through one of our Members Now! clubs. This bonus sign-up opportunity is only available for Members Now participating clubs (click here for a list). If you would like to renew at your previous club or any other club, we encourage you to contact them directly about available 2019 packages.

Scroll down for step-by-step directions on how to renew (either online or directly through a club) so that you can begin posting scores and taking advantage of all of your Mass Golf benefits now and through the end of 2019.

If you have any questions now or throughout the season, just contact Mike Wice at or 774-430-9072.

How Do I Renew?

Whether you are a golfer who recently had an index through one of our Member Clubs or a golfer looking to set one up for the first time, you have two options to renew:

1) Contact your previous club or a club near you directly

2) Renew online through one of 47 clubs that offer renewals through the Members Now! program

Contact a Club

If you would like to return to your most recent club or connect with a club near your place of residence or work, you can contact the pro shop and ask them to reactivate your Mass Golf/USGA GHIN Handicap Index.

Click here for a searchable database of Mass Golf Member Clubs.

Go Online

Renewing or obtaining a Mass Golf/USGA GHIN Handicap Index online is only available for participating Members Now! clubs. Click here to view a list of those clubs that are part of the program and allow Mass Golf to assist with the set up and management of handicap indices.

Here are the steps to renew or set up a Mass Golf/USGA GHIN Handicap Index through one of the more than 45 participating clubs.

1) Visit the Join Now page at

2a) Select the Renew Membership option if you were a Mass Golf member in previous years and would like to renew your membership at one of the Members Now! clubs.

2b) Select the New Membership option if you are joining Mass Golf for the first time.

Why Renew?

By renewing your Mass Golf/USGA GHIN Handicap Index you will be joining more than 360 clubs and 87,000 golfers in the Bay State in support of the game of golf.

You will also become part of a GHIN network that has become the world’s largest handicap computation service. GHIN is provided through certified allied golf associations to more than 12,000 clubs and approximately 2.3 million golfers.

Here are a just a few reasons why this is a must-do for any golfer who currently does not have an active Mass Golf/USGA GHIN Handicap index.

  • You can immediately start taking advantage of the many Mass Golf golfer benefits
  • You can post scores from any round played here in the Bay State up until November 14th (beginning on November 15, Massachusetts begins what is called an inactive score posting period).
  • You can post scores from any round played in an active area (e.g. Florida, Arizona, etc.) at any time via My Mass Golf or the Mass Golf Mobile app.
  • You can view your complete handicap history online or via your mobile device.
  • You will be ready to register for Mass Golf Championships, Tournaments & Member Days when registration goes live in February
  • It’s one less thing to worry about next spring!