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Mass Golf Volunteers Get Their Chance to Play Following a Season of Giving Back

For immediate release: October 24, 2018

KINGSTON, Massachusetts – After a milestone year for Mass Golf – the first year of the recently merged Massachusetts Golf Association and Women’s Golf Association of Massachusetts – several staff members, board members and volunteers from the more than 100 events hosted this past year gathered Wednesday to be recognized for their commitment to Mass Golf.

The annual Volunteer Appreciation Outing was held at Indian Pond Country Club and featured a round of golf, a special luncheon, prizes and the opportunity to celebrate a successful first year of the new Mass Golf brand.


The Volunteer Appreciation Outing was an opportunity to bring together the dozens of individuals who were integral in the day-to-day operations of Mass Golf’s many events throughout the past year and who were key to the organization’s success.

“If it weren’t for the many men and women who have generously donated their time each year, there is no way that we’d be able to successfully serve the needs of the Bay State golf community,” said Jesse Menachem, Mass Golf’s Executive Director/CEO. “We are grateful that so many of the individuals who have had a part in the success of Mass Golf this past year were able to join us, and we look forward to continuing our growth in 2019 and beyond.”

Since late April, Mass Golf’s many volunteers have assisted in several different ways, including serving as officials in charge, starters, scorers, rules officials, course markers, and course raters as well as at junior golf clinics run by The First Tee of Massachusetts. Outside of the public eye, many volunteers played an important role in helping secure host sites for multiple championships and tournaments enjoyed this past season as well as sites for future events.

During this past season, the volunteers who were present Wednesday – and even those who were not in attendance – played a key role in the 11 Mass Golf Championship events, which spanned 29 days plus an additional 40 days of qualifiers for respective events, nine Mass Golf Women’s Championship spanning 22 days, 18 USGA qualifiers, and nine days of both Women’s Tournaments and Team Tournaments at more than half the member clubs throughout the state. Additionally, volunteers assisted in the operation of Mass Golf’s 24 Member Days held throughout the season.

Today marked the second time that all Mass Golf volunteers were able to come together under one roof for a single event in 2018. Earlier this spring, the Mass Golf Volunteer Meeting and Education Seminar was held at Walpole Country Club.

Bringing everyone together for a second time this season, where the volunteers get to golf rather than spectate, was also an important goal for the Mass Golf staff members who rely on volunteers.

“Events like the Volunteer Appreciation Outing allow staff members and volunteers alike to gather in a different type of environment that our schedule doesn’t often allow,” added Menachem. “Because of the various roles that our volunteers serve, where individuals may not cross paths with one another, today’s event we hope fosters new relationships and allows us to continue building as we move forward.

With the USGA introducing new rules for the 2019 season, Mass Golf will continue to seek those interested in joining the volunteer ranks. For more information on how to become a Mass Golf volunteer, visit the Volunteer section at MassGolf.or which is located under the GOLFER BENEFITS navigation.