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Mass Golf Offers Fun & Challenging Women’s Events Statewide, Find Out Which Ones Are Best For you


NORTON, Massachusetts – Mass Golf has a long history of promoting the women’s game through its wide range of events for everybody, from junior golfers to seniors.

With more people picking up the game than ever before, this year is the perfect time to expand your horizons by competing in a Mass Golf event for the first time. Regardless of Handicap Index or playing ability, there is an event out there for you. Not only do you get to play on prestigious golf courses across the state, but you also meet new players and expand your personal community of fellow golfers.

The best part is, you don’t have to do it alone. Several of Mass Golf’s women’s events are team competitions where you’re playing alongside a partner in different formats, such as Scotch (alternate drive, alternate shot).

If you’re not sure where to begin, let us walk you through the different events and what you might be eligible for in 2021. We will also include important registration information you will need to enter our events.


step 1: make sure you are eligible


Before navigating the various Mass Golf events, make sure you follow the updated event registration process for 2021. With registration already underway for certain events, Mass Golf encourages golfers to take a moment to do the following:


Your Handicap Index must be up-to-date with your current club in order to register. You must have an active index in order to register online. If your index is not active, please contact your club or our staff and we are happy to assist.


All eligibility requirements, schedules and entry close dates are posted for all events at under the COMPETITION section. Female golfers should also take a moment to look under the PLAY section of, which includes information about Member Days.


All competitors will need to create an “event registration profile” in USGA Tournament Management this season. This profile will be your “go to” account for all future Mass Golf event registrations. If you already created a USGA Tournament Management profile in the past with your home club or another association, you will still need to register for an account. However, please be sure to use the same email address and password that you used when creating a profile at your home club or with another association.


The Championship schedule features team-oriented events, such as the Mixed Four-Ball Championship for the Stone Cup, which requires both partners to have active Handicap Indexes. Give your partner a call so that you can register for those events which are filled on a first-come, first-serve basis.

step 2: GIVE IT A TRY


Commitment: 1 Day.

Handicap Index: Any.

Gross/Net Scoring: Yes.

Entry Fee: $90 (Includes golf, cart, and range balls).

Event Opportunities: 19, various dates/courses. To see the full list, CLICK HERE

Description: Mass Golf Member Days are the perfect first step into finding out what Mass Golf is all about. These single-day events offer Mass Golf members the opportunity to play at premier golf courses in the state. While there is live scoring, Member Days are casual and fun events that allow you to be as competitive as you choose.

These events are extremely popular and require that you enter a lottery system to register. If your name is not drawn as a lottery winner you will automatically be added to the waiting list in the order the lottery was drawn. If spots become available in the field at a later date, you will be notified via email ASAP.

To learn more about Member Days, CLICK HERE

step 3: test your game


Commitment: 1 Day.

Handicap Index: Not exceeding 54.0.

Gross/Net Scoring: Yes.

Entry Fee: $200 per team; $500 per foursome (Dolly Sullivan).

Event Opportunities: Cris Eaton Chapman (May 3), Curtis Bowl Scotch (May 10), Allen Bowl Four-Ball (July 19), Dolly Sullivan Team Best Ball (August 23-24), LaBonte Four-Ball (October 12).

Description: These events offer the perfect opportunity to test yourself, but are mostly designed to have fun with other women who enjoy light-hearted competition on the golf course. All of these events are team events with either pairs or foursomes competing together.

If you’re wondering what the “Scotch” means in each event, rest assured we’re not talking about post-round beverages. It’s a format of play where both players hit their tee shots, select the best one, and alternate shots from there. In the Chapman format, both players tee off, then hit their partner’s ball, then select a third shot and alternate hitting until the ball is holed. In other words, if you make a bad shot, don’t sweat it, there are plenty of opportunities to make up for it.

For the Four-Ball events, each player on a team plays her ball, and the best score between them on each hole is recorded. In Scotch, players alternate what holes they drive on and then alternate shots on each hole. In the Dolly Sullivan Team Best-Ball, the best score of the foursome is recorded on each hole. Note that each foursome in the Dolly Sullivan must be from the same Mass Golf Member Club.

The Handicap Index varies for each event though anybody with a Handicap Index not exceeding 54.0 is eligible in some capacity. Some events, like the Allen Bowl Four-Ball, are only open to players between an 18.1-54.0 Handicap Index. Some events have separate divisions based on the range of handicaps. Either way, you’ll likely be in the same competition as players with comparable playing abilities.

To learn more about Women’s Tournaments, CLICK HERE

For any questions about Women’s Tournaments, contact Naomi Nesenoff, the Manager of Women’s Events & Player Development for Mass Golf, at



Commitment: 1 Day.

Handicap Index: Not exceeding 54.0. (Except Sheeran Mixed [not exceeding 24.0])

Gross/Net Scoring: Yes (Except Father/Daughter).

Entry Fee Range: $100-$225 per team.

Event Opportunities: Mother Son Modified Scotch (July 13), Mother Daughter Chapman/Member Junior (July 15), Father Daughter Modified Scotch (August 3); Sheeran Mixed (September 27-28)

Description: After experiencing a Mass Golf event for the first time, you’ll definitely want to tell your friends and family about it. So why not also bring along a family member? The Mother-Son Tournament, which dates all the way back to 1959, is one of the many historic events that has included family pairs competing together.

In “Modified Scotch”, both players hit their tee shots, select the best one, and alternate shots from there.

There are different divisions based on the age of the youngest participant. Daughters and sons are not required to have a handicap index to compete, but they do need a GHIN number.

To learn more about Mixed Team & Parent-Child Events, CLICK HERE

step 4: high-level competition


Commitment: Between 1-5 Days.

Handicap Index: Not Exceeding 18.0 (Some Events Have Divisions for 18.1-36.0)

Gross/Net Scoring: Yes

Entry Fee Range: $100-$225 per player

Event Opportunities: Mixed Four-Ball Championship for the Stone Cup (May 17), Women’s Stroke Play Championship for the Baker Trophy (June 7-8), New England Women’s Amateur (June 28-30), Women’s Four-Ball Championship for the Townshend Cup (July 7), Girls’ Junior Amateur Championship (July 20-21), Ouimet Memorial Tournament (July 28-30), Women’s Amateur Championship (August 9-13), Women’s Senior Amateur Championship (August 23), Women’s Mid-Amateur Championship for the Keyes Cup (August 31-September 1), Endicott Cup & Tri-State Matches (October 5-7).

Description: After you’ve played in some tournaments and your Handicap Index has improved to 18.0 or better, now you can think about taking the leap to playing on your own in Women’s Championships alongside some of the best amateur golfers in the state.

These multi-day events are the pinnacle, but it doesn’t mean higher handicaps still can’t compete in the predominately stroke-play formats. In addition to Net Divisions, there are also Flighted Divisions for higher handicaps in many events, giving everybody a chance to compete for something.

The Women’s Amateur Championship, which was first contested in 1900, starts with two rounds of stroke play, and the top 32 compete in three days of match play to determine a winner.

There are some exceptions, such as the Ouimet Memorial Tournament, which is only open to exempt players based on a select set of criteria. Meanwhile, the eligibility standards for the Women’s Senior Amateur Championship are 36.0 Handicap Index and age 50+.

To learn more about Mass Golf Women’s Championships, CLICK HERE

Lastly, if you find success in these statewide events, be sure to check out qualifiers for USGA national events. Mass Golf Member Clubs often host over a dozen USGA qualifiers each year. To learn more about USGA events, CLICK HERE


If you have any questions about participating in one of Mass Golf’s women’s events, we strongly encourage you to contact any member of our staff. We are happy to work with you to make your experience as positive as possible. For complete coverage of all Mass Golf events, visit or follow @PlayMassGolf on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.