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5 tips to get out of the mid-season slump

“Slumps don’t exist…We create them in our minds…you are in a slump when you think you are…the deeper you think it is- the more deeply you believe in it- the harder it will be to get out of it.”

-Timothy Gallwey in his book The Inner Game of Golf

We’ve all been there… questioning every little thing that might be affecting your game and how you usually play, thus taking the fun and enjoyment of golf. Don’t let it compound and ruin the rest of the season for you. Take some steps to get your game back on course and headed in the right direction.



Let’s start with an obvious one. Maybe you are just burnt out from golf. Sometimes stepping away from the game can be refreshing. Take the opportunity to explore some other physical and recreational activities in the meantime to stay in shape. But don’t take too long of a break. What is that saying… absence makes the heart grow fonder? 



If you have 1 bad round – shake it off. 2 bad rounds – figure out what is going wrong and practice it. 3 bad rounds – go to a Pro and get help. There are plenty of great facilities out there that offer individual lessons and clinics. Our friends over at KOHR Golf are always happy to help. Send them and email and tell them Mass Golf sent you!


Creating a strategy for how you will get out of this slump is easier said than done. But the mental component of the game plan is just as important as the playing component. Adopting some new mantras out on the course or while you are preparing for your next round can be the difference maker when you are trying to create a mental shift in your game. A couple that we think you might like…

  • Stay In The Present
  • View Every Shot As A New Challenge
  • The Past Is The Past
  • Never Surrender
  • Stay Positive On The Greens



Playing the same course or courses with the same people? Consider going out there by yourself or playing a round or two with some new playing partners at a course you’ve never been to before. A change of scenery and routine might be exactly what you need mid-season. Plus, there are so many beautiful courses in Massachusetts to explore! Need some suggestions? Head over to read our Staycation Blog or use the course search function on our website.


Don’t play the same way every time if you are in a slump. You could be cementing bad habits without even realizing. So, mix it up! Play the back nine first or play from a different tee box. When you are out with friends, try to play a different format than you normally do. This will help you avoid setting bad habits and give you a different perspective on your round. 


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