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6 Items To Pack In Your Bag For The Hot Summer Months, With A Personal Twist

It’s peak golf season, but here in New England that also means we are reaching our hottest points of the year. With July coming to a close and the calendar getting set to flip to August, the sunshine is sure to keep coming. We want you to have everything you need in your golf bag to keep cool, with a little help from some of the ladies at Mass Golf.


An underrated way to stay cool on the course is through the use of a towel. Pack one in or on your golf bag. Keep cold water handy, pour it on the towel, and go ahead and wrap that around your neck. It’ll cool you down and it holds that water and chill for quite a while, which comes in handy if you’re playing 18!

Ally Mollung


From Ally Mollung, Program Manager of First Tee Massachusetts: “In my golf bag, I ALWAYS carry a pack of teriyaki beef jerky. I am a big Gatorade zero gal. The “yellow” flavor is my favorite, as well as the “purple” flavor. And lastly, I can’t forget a little extra deodorant!”


When it comes to the heat, you may only think about hydration, but it’s also important to still eat as well. Whether it be a granola bar, fruit, or one of the many snack recipes from our women’s newsletter, it is essential to give your body fuel to hold you up over the course of that warm round.

Jenna Walkiewicz


From Jenna Walkiewicz, Assistant Director of Member Growth & Services: “My top pick is my sun hat by Imperial. Working events and playing golf in the sun for hours on end made me realize just how important it is to protect our skin, especially our face. While I love a regular hat when playing golf, my go-to is my large, brimmed sun hat by Imperial. Not only does it look stylish 😉 but it also protects my ears and the entirety of my face. I highly suggest using the drawstring under your chin on those windy days!”


No, we’re not talking about a person here. We are talking about a literal fan. You can find them almost anywhere and they are great to pull out of the bag to cool yourself down, or you can clip them onto the side of the cart and let that cool you down as you ride from hole to hole!

Abbie Weaver


From Abbie Weaver, USGA P.J. Boatwright Women’s Events Intern: “I always keep plenty of sunscreen and a hat in my golf bag. For rounds when I know I will be walking, I try to be very diligent about taking care of my skin. I already incur plenty of wrinkles from the many faces of disappointment I make throughout a round, and I do not need to sun to add to them.”


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