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A Collection Of stories & Achievements from Mass Golfers Across The Commonwealth

What’s golf without making fond memories (good and bad) along the way? The season is coming to a close, and we know there’s an abundance of amusing and touching stories that have been made during these past few month, whether they’ve been witnessed or just heard through the grape vine.

With that in mind, for the first time, we’re asking that you share these tales with us so they can be shared on our platform with the Mass Golf Community. If you have a spectacular golf story from this year, whether it’s a long overdue golf outing/reunion, a noteworthy club championship victory, a marriage proposal, or just one of those once-in-a-lifetime shots, we welcome you to pass it along to us.

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Bob Malcolm, 61 years old, won our Club Championship for the 23rd time! Pretty cool but not the unique part. He has now won the club championship in five different decades. — Scott Johnson


Julie Schumacher and Brennen Carroll got engaged Wednesday, August 3 after finishing 18 holes on the Jones Course. How did they celebrate? They played the Nicklaus Course the next day. — Pinehills Golf Club


They did what? Owen Egan and Christian Emmerich, two close friends who compete for the Holy Cross men’s golf team, pulled off the rare feat of making an albatross (double-eagle) on the same hole in the same group, the 494-yard, par-5 8th, during a practice round Monday, September 5 at Blackstone National Golf Club in Sutton. Emmerich sank his using an 8-iron from about 180 yards, while Egan used a gap wedge and drained his from about 120 yards. – Holy Cross men’s golf team