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An Endicott Cup Champion and Tri-State Teams

For Immediate Release: October 11, 2023

MIDDLETOWN, Rhode Island – Another sunny day with a nice breeze off the Narragansett Bay where women representing Mass Golf, Rhode Island, and Connecticut took off for a 9:00am shotgun for Day 2 of stroke play to determine the Endicott Cup Champion.

Christine Gagner ensured the Endicott Cup made a safe return to the hands of Team Mass Golf, but it sure didn’t come without a fight. There was strong competition across the board from each state.

The low-seven gross players will compete in the Tri-State Matches and the low-seven net will compete for the Eaton Cup. Each captain will choose one alternate player for their respective teams. Team Mass Golf will be simultaneously competing against Rhode Island and Connecticut in hopes of bringing both the Tri-State and Eaton Cup titles back to Massachusetts.



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After 36-holes, Team Mass Golf made waves out of their position on the leaderboard where Kristen Henderson and Christine Gagner were tied for the lead until the very last holes. Kristen Henderson (The Tour) had the low round of the day at +4. She was able to learn from any mistakes yesterday she carded 5-bogeys on the day. Following it up with 1-birdie, Henderson slowly crept into the lead alongside Christine Gagner (The Tour). 

Henderson putt for bogey on the final hole, leaving Gagner to capture the title once again with a one-stroke lead.

In terms of the leaderboard, Henderson was unaware of how her round was playing up in comparison to the field.

“I didn’t know where I was. I’m glad I didn’t because that tends to effect my game” said Henderson

Similar to Gagner giving an ode to her group yesterday, Henderson felt similarly about having a comfortable playing pair.

“I had a really great pairing. I felt very comfortable so my swing just felt so good. I had a few three putts that were under an inch. Had they gone in it would have been different, but I was very excited just to play good.”

Yesterday, Gagner held the sole lead. She was comfortable on the greens, yet today she saw a shift.

“I certainly didn’t play as well as I did yesterday but hung in there through the round. I really struggled on the back. I had three-doubles in a row, but was able to hold it together. Congratulations to Kris Henderson she played great today and I really thought we were going to a playoff” said Gagner.

In terms of her fourth time capturing the Endicott Cup, and bringing it back to Massachusetts after just a year in Connecticut, Gagner is excited to bring the trophy back to Team Mass Golf as well as looks forward to the strength in her team tomorrow.

“Massachusetts all the way. Hoping to take the Tri-State and Eaton trophies home tomorrow too. Just be patient that’s always my plan in match-play. Because if you lose a hole, it’s just one hole and there’s a lot out there to win” said Gagner.


1- Christine Gagner: 78-83 – 161 (+15)

2- Kristen Henderson: 84-78 – 162 (+16)

3- MJ Wagner: 83-82 – 165 (+19)

4- Kym Pappathanasi: 81-85 – 166 (+20)

5- Natalie Galligan: 83-85 – 168 (+22)

6- Wendy Marchese: 84-84 – 168 (+22)

7- Danielle Lee: 80-90 – 170 (+24)

A- Mary Gale: 83-87 – 170 (+24)


1- Laura Hasenfus: 78-84 – 162 (+16)

2- MJ O’Neill: 81-84 – 165 (+19)

3- Sally DeGan: 81-84 – 165 (+19)

4- Maureen Haynes: 77-88 – 165 (+19)

5- Sara DArcangelo: 83-82 – 165 (+19)

6- Cathy Flatley: 86-81 – 167 (+21)

7- Cathy Sessions: 87-81 – 168(+22)

A- Irene Haley: 86-83 – 169 (+23)


The ladies representing Team Mass Golf gathered in celebration of Sally DeGan. Sally has served on the Mass Golf Board of Directors for the last 5-years. While this is her final year serving on the board, in lieu of a proper celebration at the Mass Golf Annual Board of Directors meeting, Sally will be competing for the Eaton Cup with a team of players from Mass Golf. Sally has always been a strong presence for the women’s golf community, so what better way to celebrate the end of her term than at the final Women’s Championship of the year.

Sally served at the Member Services Chair and as a member of the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Committee. She will continue to be a resource and friend to everyone in the golf community.

Members of Team Mass Golf gather with Sally Degan (Mass Golf)


In 1926, the first Endicott Cup tournament was held at Hartford Golf Club (CT) as a 36-hole stroke play competition between members of the Connecticut and Massachusetts Women’s Golf Associations. The Endicott Cup was presented by Priscilla Maxwell Endicott as the winner of the competition. The plan was that the first person to win the trophy three times would retire the cup.

Edith Baker won the Cup in 1926 and 1928 and requested that the trophy be perpetual, with the winner keeping it in her possession for the year. In 1929, Massachusetts (whose membership included Rhode Island) and Connecticut played the Kittredge Cup as the third day match play competition for the nine low gross players from each team. In 1930, Rhode Island joined as a third team and the Kittredge Cup was retired and replaced with the Tri-State Trophy.

Today, Endicott Cup competitors play two rounds of stroke play over the first two days. The seven low gross and seven low net players (plus an alternate from each state for the gross and net teams) compete in the Tri-State Matches (Gross) and the Eaton Cup (Net) on the third and final day.

“The Endicott Cup is truly a fun tournament which not only provides a great format for excellent golf but good competition against one another in an effort to make the match play teams as well as keen competition with the other states,” said former Massachusetts Endicott Cup captain, Marie Butera (2000). “More importantly, it provides an excellent opportunity for camaraderie and to develop friendships with golfers from Connecticut and Rhode Island.”


Wanumetonomy Golf & Country Club is a classic links style course just five-miles from downtown, Newport, RI. Along the east side of Narragansett Bay, this 18-hole par-70 course is picturesque. Coming into their Centennial celebration in 2022, Wanumetonomy hired golf course architect, Tyler Ray, to begin a new plan for course restorations over the next 20 years.