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Two Trophies Make Their Way Back To Massachusetts After Endicott Cup & Tri-State Matches

For Immediate Release: October 12, 2023

MIDDLETOWN, Rhode Island – On the third day of the Endicott Cup and Tri-State Matches the women of Mass Golf, Rhode Island, and Connecticut are competing in match play simultaneously against each state. Though Massachusetts held a strong front during the Endicott Cup, the Tri-State Matches became anyone’s game.

After two days of stroke play, the low-7 scoring players and one alternate in gross and net compete for the Tri-State title and Eaton Cup title respectively. The matches are played for all 18-holes on the basis of a point system. One (1) point is awarded for every hole won, ½ point for every hole halved and zero (0) points for any hole lost. All 8-players on each team have their points count toward the team score as long as no alternate is needed to replace a player in the field.

Last year, both the Tri-State and Eaton Cup titles were won by Team Mass Golf in match play, and coming off of an exciting Endicott Cup win by Christine Gagner, there was lots of hope and excitement to bring all three trophies home.

Team Mass Golf was fortunate to bring home the Tri-State title with 162 points.



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During the Tri-States, the players were tested on this classic Seth Raynor course. After having 36-holes to prepare themselves for what the course has to offer, changes in pin locations, and firm, fast green conditions with the sun facing down on them, each player can attest to the relief of ending their time on this course on a good note.

The policy for alternate players in place which allows players to compete as long as they are not needed to replace others, allowed Danielle Lee a position as an alternate to successfully defeat both of her opponents. Winning 13.5 points (holes) against Connecticut and 16.5 points (holes) against Rhode Island, she helped Massachusetts to carry their 13.5 point lead over Connecticut.

“I played a little bit conservatively today. After three days, I finally got used to the greens. Your ball position on the green, being below the hole, was really important. Sometimes rolling short of the green to land on. After three days of being beat up on the course I finally figured it out and had a good day” said Lee.

Danielle Lee is a player who is familiar with the Endicott Cup as she played many years ago, but after taking a hiatus, she returned this year.

“I came back for the first time in a while. It’s great playing with this group of women. Mary Gale having been doing this since 1973, it’s great to play with these women all these years. I’ve also developed relationships with people in Connecticut through this so it;’s been great to see all these people and build those relationships.”

Aside from golf, the gathering of this team event allowed for days full of friendship and camaraderie.

Team Captain, Mary Gale, has been a longtime player in this event. As someone who represents the women’s golf community, it is a common consensus that it is always a joy to have her on the course.

“It’s a great great tournament. It’s interesting to have the split to finish it up with the team matches is a blast. The team played great. Chris(tine) was a great Champion in the Endicott and we’re taking home the gross trophy. Next year we’ll come back and get the net one with it, but it was a great time” said Gale”



Tri-State Matches (Gross) Leaderboard


Eaton Cup Matches (Net) Results


In 1926, the first Endicott Cup tournament was held at Hartford Golf Club (CT) as a 36-hole stroke play competition between members of the Connecticut and Massachusetts Women’s Golf Associations. The Endicott Cup was presented by Priscilla Maxwell Endicott as the winner of the competition. The plan was that the first person to win the trophy three times would retire the cup.

Edith Baker won the Cup in 1926 and 1928 and requested that the trophy be perpetual, with the winner keeping it in her possession for the year. In 1929, Massachusetts (whose membership included Rhode Island) and Connecticut played the Kittredge Cup as the third day match play competition for the nine low gross players from each team. In 1930, Rhode Island joined as a third team and the Kittredge Cup was retired and replaced with the Tri-State Trophy.

Today, Endicott Cup competitors play two rounds of stroke play over the first two days. The seven low gross and seven low net players (plus an alternate from each state for the gross and net teams) compete in the Tri-State Matches (Gross) and the Eaton Cup (Net) on the third and final day.

“The Endicott Cup is truly a fun tournament which not only provides a great format for excellent golf but good competition against one another in an effort to make the match play teams as well as keen competition with the other states,” said former Massachusetts Endicott Cup captain, Marie Butera (2000). “More importantly, it provides an excellent opportunity for camaraderie and to develop friendships with golfers from Connecticut and Rhode Island.”


Wanumetonomy Golf & Country Club is a classic links style course just five-miles from downtown, Newport, RI. Along the east side of Narragansett Bay, this 18-hole par-70 course is picturesque. Coming into their Centennial celebration in 2022, Wanumetonomy hired golf course architect, Tyler Ray, to begin a new plan for course restorations over the next 20 years.