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Imperial Headwear: The Marketing & Communications Team Goes On a Shopping Spree

Unless you’re a member of the European Ryder Cup team, you probably wear a hat on the golf course. Our partners at Imperial offer a host of headwear options that look stylish both on and off the course. Best of all, Mass Golf members can take 20% off their order by using the code MASSGOLF23. At Imperial, there’s a lid for every personality, and our Marketing & Communications team has a wide range of personalities, so let’s take a look at what they picked:



This hat resembles a lot of what my golf game is like, high risk, high reward. A classic black visor with a little splash of color from the dice makes for a perfect add-on to your golf outfit!



“I never understood why people liked bucket hats, until I put this one on my head. Not only does this hat fit comfortably on your head while golfing, but it’s also versatile for casual wear. You’ll see me rocking this on the links, at the block party, and on the docks all summah long.”



This hat perfectly combines my favorite breakfast food while doubling up its capabilities to help protect my scalp from the sun. A good stack of hot cakes gives me the motivation to pick up my clubs for a nice morning round, and just like the syrup, I just hope I can find a good stick each time I make my next shot. You can be sure to see me sporting this hat at a nice outdoor brunch, or on the course after having a fresh stack of fuel.


The customizable combinations are my favorite thing about Imperial. You can sort through a variety of styles and colors, then choose your own graphic. I’m pretty sure Chubbs would sign off on this rope hat, though I suppose he’d have to use the hand the gator didn’t get. “Just easin’ the tension, baby! Just easin’ the tension!”


Anyone that knows me knows that I live for the Imperial Tour Visor. When I’m on site at Mass Golf events, the Tour Visor allows me to keep my hair somewhat presentable for the end of day video recaps. When it really gets cooking in August, the visor offers the ability for a quick cool down, by throwing it around a few of the clubs, much like you would a caddie towel.

As for the design, I really like the look of a small logo. And having grown up a diehard Hartford Whalers fan, the whale spoke to me. A nod to my childhood without looking to bold or flashy on the course.


I’m a hat guy, always have been, always will be. I have a laundry basket full of them to prove it. But nothing covers my head better than the meshback cap. You don’t have to drive a truck to appreciate its comfort. I’ll wear this on the golf course, at the beach, at a cookout, at the ballpark, at a concert, on a hike, heck, I’ve fallen asleep with it on my head. If you’re an outdoorsman like me, you’ll appreciate having a cap that looks cool and will keep you cool at the same time.


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