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Catherine Carmignani Promoted To Assistant Executive Director of Mass Golf; Stephen Hanjack To Become Director of Marketing & Communications


NORTON, Massachusetts – Mass Golf, one of the largest state golf associations in the United States, is proud to announce a series of staff changes in the promotion of Catherine Carmignani and Stephen Hanjack.

Carmignani will assume the new role of Assistant Executive Director of Mass Golf. She becomes the first female to earn an executive staff position within the association since the merger that formed Mass Golf in 2018. 

“Catherine has proven that she’s become an incredible leader for Mass Golf internally and externally,” said Jesse Menachem, Executive Director/CEO of Mass Golf. “There’s been a lot of trust built among her and our staff, our volunteer board and leadership and throughout the community.”



Carmignani, a native of Dudley, has been with Mass Golf since 2019 serving as Director of Communications & Marketing. In this new role, Carmignani will collaborate with Menachem in Mass Golf’s administration, external relations and strategic plan. In addition to overseeing the operation of First Tee Massachusetts and the Marketing & Communications Department, she will also focus on external relations and development and fundraising activities to support the organization’s charitable efforts.

“This is a natural progression of growth since our merger in 2018,” Menachem said. “Our staff has grown, and our programs and services have grown. For this role, Catherine and I will be able to split up some of the responsibilities, as she’ll be able to be focus on our philanthropic endeavors and junior golf development, tying our brands together and making our community aware of the significance of Mass Golf. I’m excited for her to help champion all of these things.”

As Director of Communications & Marketing, Carmignani has been a leader in transforming the Mass Golf brand with a focus on community engagement. She helped craft the organization’s mission statement: “Advancing the game of golf in Massachusetts by building an engaged community around the sport.”

Carmignani has also expanded longstanding partnerships with Titleist and FootJoy — both Patrons of Mass Golf — and introduced member benefits through new partnerships with Sponsors of Mass Golf, such as Delta Air Lines, KOHR Golf, Arbella Insurance Group, and Golfzon.

As part of the creation of Mass Golf’s strategic plan initiative, Carmignani has also played a key role in promoting the game for women, creating content pieces designed specifically with female golfers in mind, and producing a monthly digital newsletter — The Up & Down — that is sent to all female members of Mass Golf. She has also taken a leading role in the organization’s Equity Change Team to build a stronger culture within the association in collaboration with the organization’s Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Committee.  

“It means the world to me to have the support of Jesse and the Board of Directors, along with our staff, as I transition into this new role,” Carmignani said. “Their confidence and shared vision in this next chapter at Mass Golf positions us for even greater success long-term. We’ve done something very special here with the brand these last few years, and I am humbled to serve alongside Jesse in our further pursuit of growth, expansion and development of Mass Golf.”

In the promotion of Carmignani, Mass Golf has also announced the promotion of Stephen Hanjack as the Director of Marketing & Communications. Hanjack has played an integral role in expanding and promoting the Mass Golf brand with targeted marketing campaigns and the growth of Mass Golf’s presence on television, radio, social media, and other media platforms. Among his many accomplishments, Hanjack led the way in getting the @PlayMassGolf account on Instagram verified, and the account has seen a 400% increase in followers since 2019. On top of introducing live streaming coverage as well as drone video and photo capabilities to the department, Hanjack has taken pride in highlighting public golf courses throughout the state. 


“We’re in a very fortunate position that Stephen has grown in a short period of time to be able to take on the responsibility of managing our Marketing & Communications Department,” Menachem said. “He’s become a recognized and trusted individual within the golf landscape and golf community. He’s a reliable resource, you know what you’re going to get from him, and he’s become an excellent leader and guide for our staff and interns. He’s brought so much to the organization, including getting us in the spotlight with recognition both regionally and nationally.”

In his new role, Hanjack will assume the management of Mass Golf’s Marketing & Communications strategy and direction. Hanjack will continue to produce content at Mass Golf events as well as shoot, edit and package original content that showcases the membership experience.

“I want to thank the entire leadership at Mass Golf for this tremendous opportunity,” Hanjack said. “Telling the stories of our elite amateur competitors, prestigious courses, historic events, and some of our hidden public gems is a true passion of mine.

“I am honored to be given the reigns of this department and look forward to seeing where myself, [Manager of Communications] Steven Derderian, and the rest of our team can bring Mass Golf in the coming years.”

With this announcement, Mass Golf will be seeking to fill the role of Assistant Director of Strategic Communications as well as introduce a new position of Marketing & Communications Coordinator to the staff. Job postings for these positions will be made available to the public in the near future.

The entire Mass Golf Marketing & Communications staff, including its USGA Boatwright Interns, was on site at the 2022 U.S. Open at The Country Club.


Mass Golf is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization that is dedicated to advancing golf in Massachusetts by building an engaged community around the sport.

With a community made up of over 110,000 golf enthusiasts and over 340 member clubs, Mass Golf is one of the largest state golf associations in the country. Members enjoy the benefits of handicapping, engaging golf content, course rating and scoring services along with the opportunity to compete in an array of events for golfers of all ages and abilities.

At the forefront of junior development, Mass Golf is proud to offer programming to youth in the state through First Tee Massachusetts and subsidized rounds of golf by way of Youth on Course.

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