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ARE YOU A TRUE GOLFER?: January 13, 2020

Hello golfers,

Yes that means you!!!

If you have read any of my past newsletter posts, I start off the same way, HELLO GOLFERS. Let us talk today about when and what determines you to be a golfer.

I saw a commercial the other day where a couple was driving in a car and the husband said ‘I got invited by my boss to play golf next weekend. The wife responds, ‘Are you sure? I know you have that old set of clubs, but you’ve only played golf once.’ The husband responded ‘I have a set of clubs, so I AM A GOLFER’ with lots of confidence.

I actually laughed out loud! I have seen this type of situation repeatedly through the years where many men feel comfortable saying they are a golfer way before many women feel comfortable. I enjoyed how blatantly they showed this in on tv. Why did the husband feel so confident? Why didn’t the wife?

Let’s go back to when you started golfing. Was it just recently or a long time ago? When did you finally say you were a golfer? After you had played for a few months, a year, two years, more? I know I didn’t call myself a golfer until I took a series of lessons over a few months and then played golfer numerous times by myself until I felt comfortable being on the golf course with others to finally start calling myself a golfer. I thought I could not call myself a golfer until I could go out and hit all my golf shots and understand EVERYTHING. Guess what? I will never be fully confident nor know everything about golf, but continuing to learn and improve is one of the great joys of golf!

Now I believe anyone interested in golf that enjoys it is a golfer. Just like bowling, working out, and baking, if you enjoy it, you associate yourself with it! So why not golf? Are you new to golf or have a friend who is interested? Let us start the trend and build the confidence in our fellow female golfers. If you or your friend just started golfing or have an interest in it, think of yourself as a golfer and call each other a golfer. Say it over and over again and soon you will believe it. Don’t wait until what we think we need to reach to become a true golfer, start calling all of your girlfriends interested in golf a golfer today! This can help grow confidence in oneself, which is also a big aspect of improving one’s golf game. So let’s grow each other’s confidence!

This ‘think it say it’ philosophy is closely related to mental rehearsal, which we will talk about in next month’s blog. Until then, I wish all of you golfers out there a happy and healthy 2021!


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