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7 Things To Do To Put Your Mind At Ease Before Your Next Round

Golf is a physical game, but coming to the course prepared is also an enormous part of succeeding. You can have the purest of swings, but success on the course comes from being locked in from a strategic and readiness standpoint. Before you go out and play again, check out these different things you can do to prepare ahead of the round.


This is something you might not think to do, but if you’re heading out to the course with some buddies think about their mannerisms. Do they play slow? Are they prone to showing their negative emotions on the course? Or are they just out there to have a good time. Understanding what type of pace and vibe your round is going to have ahead of time can help you relax and just focus on going out and playing your own personal best.


A little bit of course knowledge goes a long way. Next time you’re playing, get on google or talk to people you know about the course you’re heading to. Is it more playable for drivers or irons? What are the hidden tips that can save a few strokes? Most importantly, what danger exists? Rough, bunkers, water – find all of it and make a point to avoid it. Those small tidbits of information can be the difference between an average round and one of the best you’ve ever shot!

A little extra preparation for a round goes a long way towards your score. (Teddy Doggett, file)


Do some research ahead of your round. Decide what tees you’re going to play from and read the yardage. If the course is playing short, maybe you should swap out some of those woods and irons for more wedges. If the course is long, do the opposite. Don’t forget to clean your clubs as well.


What’s worse than being out on the course and realizing you’re out of golf balls or short on tees? You have to borrow from someone else in the group and it throws off your rhythm. Before you go out next, make sure you have plenty of what you need and while you’re at it, throw some drinks and snacks in the bag too!


The weather is a part of any golf course you go to. You don’t want to get caught out in the rain, dress too light, or overheat because you didn’t know the sun was going to be shining. It’s a small thing, but it’ll give you peace of mind knowing you’re ready for the elements during your round.

Staying dry will keep you comfortable during your round.(David Colt, file)


It’s important to have your body feeling good heading into the round. Make sure to have a good dinner, get plenty of sleep and drink plenty of fluids. Some light stretching the evening before may help you relax a bit and is also a good mental break. In the morning before you tee off, stretch out and get loose. Taking care of your body prior to the round helps you obtain peak performance on the actual course.


By the time you step into that first tee box to get your newest round started, forget everything that has happened before. What you shot the day before doesn’t matter, the last ball you hit on the range doesn’t matter, and the ball you are about to hit is the start of your best round of the season. Leave all excuses at home.

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