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The cat walk 

A blog for women who enjoy a relatable and concise perspective when it comes to getting comfortable with being uncomfortable in golf. Join me (Catherine Carmignani) for a good laugh and a relaxed approach to some of my own trials and tribulations this season.


The Solo Round

Things I’ve learned so far in the COVID-19 era: I enjoy grapefruit flavor, my dogs are getting annoyed by my presence, I could probably use a bigger cutting board, I wish for paper plates on a daily basis, and driving in the car has turned into such a treat. The one thing I did not realize I would miss as much as I do is golf. Where I currently sit, I have already planned out about a week’s worth of golf outfits, and I am more than ready for this sweatpants party to end.  (Make no mistake, I love sweatpants and I know you do too, but it’s time to move on.)

I have been getting advice from some of the best golf instructors out there on social media and I have avoided the temptation of embarrassing myself with recording any sort of trick shots in the house. To sum it up, my browsing history says that I am overly enthusiastic about the return to some form of the game this month. The one thing that I am not prepared for is potentially playing alone for the first time.

You read that right, I have yet to play a round of golf by myself. Sure, I’ve had those rounds where I am spraying the ball all over the course and I may as well have been playing by myself with how infrequently I was with my playing partners. But a single 18-hole round of golf on my own is something that I have not experienced. Walking no less. Let me also mention that I am not a weekly golfer, nor am I a bi-weekly golfer. I golf when I can and I enjoy the game very much.

I consider myself to be a very social person and I do like to play golf with other people around, so this concept does feel a bit uncomfortable for me. Some of you may be able to relate to the fact that because I’ve played team sports for the majority of my life and because I’m around people frequently for my job, that doing this activity alone for 4 hours is something that I just have not put much consideration towards. If you asked me last season I would have said a solo round does not interest me as much. If you are asking me right now, I would say, “Tell me the earliest tee time and I’m there.”

I have been told that this will be a life-altering experience. That my first 18-hole solo walk will set me on the path towards enlightenment and complete nirvana. I am learning that golf is that powerful. So what does one do in between shots? Think about the next shot? Listen to music? Talk to yourself? Or maybe you don’t need to over-analyze it and just enjoy the physical and mental exercise of the walk itself. Whatever the experience turns out to be, I’m game for giving it a try.

And so, here we are, on a mini adventure to get comfortable with being uncomfortable this season. Who is ready to take a socially distant walk with me? After my solo round, of course.