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The Invitation: How To Get More Women To Start Playing Golf

I’d like you to think about the women in your life who do not play golf.

Have they ever talked to you about learning golf? Do they watch golf on tv? Do they look uncomfortable or not know what to say when you talk about golf? If you answered yes to any of these questions, there’s a good chance this person is interested in learning more about golf.

The first step is always the most difficult for new golfers. The initial golf course, range or lesson experience is something that can be very intimidating. One bad experience can push people that were once excited to never want to pick up a club again.


How can you help these potential golfers take the next step to get into the game? The answer is quite simple. Invite her! Here are my three suggestions:

  1. Invite her to ride along with you for just a few holes(when restrictions allow). Invite her to walk with you to the green and tell her about the different parts of the golf course. Then invite her to take a putt a few holes in.
  2. Invite her to a lesson with you. I recommend setting up an hour lesson with a PGA Professional with just you and her. The Pro will help you with your game as well as teach her the basics. Then when you practice you can go together and help each other recounting the lesson!
  3. Invite her to the range. Who doesn’t love to see the ball fly?! Invite her to watch you take a few swings with a short iron and then give the club to her. Make sure to tee it up high and invite her to hit some golf balls. Once she makes contact a few times, she’ll be hooked!


When you invite her, let her know she doesn’t have to bring anything. Invite her to wear comfy clothing and let her know of any clothing requirements. I recommend keeping out of distance of others to make her feel comfortable in this new surrounding. I also highly recommend lots of air high fives and applause!

Having a supporting friend/family member introduce you to the game is so important for the overall enjoyment of a new golfer! You can make a huge difference in this person’s life by, you guessed it, inviting her!

I would love to hear your story of how you introduced a woman in your life to the game of golf. You can e-mail me at