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5 Games For The Golf Course

By: Chloe Schnur

Have you ever gotten bored of just playing stroke play with your friends and wanted to spark a little more fun on the course? I have the perfect recommendations for you! Below are 5 games I love playing with friends out on the course to make things more fun.

  1. Bingo, Bango, Bongo!

This is a simple yet fun game that is great for players ranging in experience from one another. All that matters is getting to the green first, how close you hit it to the pin, and holing out first. Each type of point is correlated with one of the above terms: 

  • Bingo point: first to the green
  • Bango point: closest shot to the pin once everyone is on the green
  • Bongo point: first to hole out

On each hole, all three points are up for grabs. Make this a point scoring game, or give it a value of your choosing.

  1. Best Ball or Fourball

Typically played with two duos, each player plays their own ball. At the end of the hole, the player with the lowest score in the duo has their score count, discarding the higher one. This is fun especially when you and your partner balance each other out on the good and bad holes! Play this against another two-some and see which duo will take home the lowest score!

  1. Alternate Shots

Played with two duos as well, alternate shots can add in an exciting form of competition and strategy. Before you start, decide who will tee off on the even and odd holes and go from there. This game can be played in both stroke and match play, you get to decide! You can also play in a modified scotch style to choose the tee shot on each hole in a scramble style of the best shot, and alternate from there!

  1. Wolf

The game is simple. This requires 4 players and whoever is the last person to tee off on the first hole is the first “wolf.” There will then be a rotation of who is the wolf each hole. Essentially, you’ll become the wolf once every 4 holes. After all of the tee shots, the wolf will decide if they want to play the hole solo vs the remaining three players or partner up. They get to choose their partner as well. Whoever has the most points at the end of the round wins. If you win as lone wolf: 3 points, with a partner: 2 points: and group of 3: 1 point.

  1. Round Robin

This is played in a foursome. Every 6 holes your foursome will rotate into different pairings. Once you finish the round, the other players will have been your partners for 6 holes. Any scoring format can be used for this. So, out of the six 6-hole matches, you could ultimately lose one of them, but if you win two of them, you will come out on top amongst your competitors in the end. You don’t need to win at least 3 or more to say in order to take it all.

Instead of a classic stoke play or even match play action, there are plenty of ways to switch up your practice to make the game of golf more fun!

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