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5 Essential Clothing Pieces For New England Weather

By: Chloe Schnur

Alright ladies, let’s get down to business and discuss something that comes to mind every single day! What we wear on the course makes a statement like no other. It is VITAL to not only make your mark, but enjoy making one as well! Here is my top-five list of clothing items that you NEED to have handy for your golf game and well-being while playing in New England. Quite frankly, without these, what are you doing? These items from FootJoy will not leave you unprepared during golf seasons!

1. Hybrid Jacket – $165

Have you ever been out on the course and were either too cold or too warm? Having the wrong layers with you when you golf isn’t fun, which is exactly why this FootJoy Hybrid Jacket is an absolute must-have for your closet. With insulated panels strategically placed throughout the jacket, warmth is easily provided to key parts of the body. It’s offered in many colors, is easy to move in, and allows maximum flexibility while playing!

2. HydroLite Rain Pants – $130

There is nothing worse than playing golf in the rain. Oh wait, there is! Playing golf in the rain, AND getting soaking wet. No one likes that, which is exactly why you need these FootJoy HydroLite Rain Pants to keep in your bag. New England rain comes at the most unexpected times, and who likes being caught off guard? Not me, that’s for sure. Stay prepared with these, and don’t let Mother Nature hinder your game.

3. Sherpa Vest – $145

Mid-layers are essential for providing warmth. Making sure you look fashionable should be factored in as well! This Sherpa Vest will not only give you that cozy feeling you crave when you get cold, but will also make you feel like one of the best-dressed golfers in New England. With its versatility and comfortability, you’ll be feeling and playing your best golf in no time.

4. ProDry Roll Tab Socks – $9

Wearing a specific pair of socks while you play golf can truly make or break how you’re feeling. You don’t want them to be too thin or thick and especially don’t want them to feel moist. I know, no one likes hearing the m-word, which is why you need these ProDry Roll Tab Socks to prevent that from occurring! With dry soft control fibers, the socks can lift vapor off the skin, allowing for a comfortable and secure feel. Make sure to keep an extra pair of these in your bag for dewey mornings.

5. Cart Logo Performance Cap – $30

We all know what a woman’s worst nightmare is: a bad hair day. Have no fear, this lightweight and adjustable buckled cap is here to save the day. Who doesn’t love blocking the sun out of your eyes and looking good at the same time? Offered in baby blue and red colors, this cap can be paired with lots of different outfits, making it a solid choice to add to your headgear.

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