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The List: it’s officially golf season

By: Nia Fredrich

Though the weather has been playing it’s pre-season tricks on us, April 1st means it’s officially golf season. Ahead of time, here’s some things to note


We’ve been posting our list of open courses and encouraging you to Make Today A Golf Day, but starting April 1st, your scores will count!


The GHIN App is home to your USGA Handicap Index. As long as you are a Mass Golf Member, you have both of these things. A key part of the GHIN App is the ability to track stats. Since it’s the beginning of a new season, use a few of these features to track your stats this season and see how your game shapes up!

  • Greens in Regulation
    • A Green in Regulation is if you make it on the green in the specified number of shots or less. So one shot on a par 3, two shots on a par 4, and three shots on a par 5.
  • Putts per Hole
    • The goal here is 2 putts or less, we know that, but is that always the case? Keeping track will help you stay accountable and know when it’s time for extra short game practice.
  • Handicap Index
    • The handicap index is the ultimate statistic you can keep track of. Make sure you are up to speed on everything there is to know about what goes into calculating your handicap index through the World Handicap System.


We’ve already rolled out a few events, with another wave coming April 11th. Stay up to date with your favorite events, register ahead of time, and mark your calendar for a fun season of golf!


If you didn’t take the time to do so during the heavy months of winter, use this time to clean out old scorecards, broken tees, and throw away the glove with a few too many holes in it. This is a great time to get your ducks in a row too. Stock up on golf balls, make sure you have ball marks and divot repair tools, and check your bag out for rips and tears that might cause performance issues.


Considering the heavy rain last season, and the unpredictability of what’s to come, make sure to gear up and pack accordingly for any conditions. Extra socks, waterproof shoes, rain gear and an umbrella, but also a few extra layers for those first few chilly spring rounds.

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