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Things to Avoid in Cold Weather Golf

By: Nia Fredrich

With a few brisk September days that we have had, I can’t help but get ready for fall. All things pumpkin spice, the trees color changing, and of course, digging out the cold weather clothes. I think fall golf time might be my favorite, especially with the recent surge in temperatures making those weekend rounds feel longer and longer under the heat. So below you will find a list of cold weather mistakes and what to avoid them as we head into lower temperatures.

Things to Avoid:

  1. Letting the Cold Weather Stop You from Playing
    1. While golf may seem like a summer-weather game, it doesn’t have to stop when the seasons change. Make sure to layer up and keep the game going for as long as you can.
  2. Not-so-Ideal Conditions
    1. Poor conditions are a time to work on your game
    2. Wind and other conditions may not be something you experience on a bright sunny day, but it’s always great opportunity to learn how to navigate your skill set
  3. Not Playing Those To-Be-Played Courses
    1. Greens are a little bit emptier as it cools off. The demand changes as the season does, but it is an opportunity to play those courses that have been booked up through the summer
    2. This is also an opportunity to book stay and play’s at courses who may not be as booked up. People travel all summer long to hit their must-see courses, but they are busy in peak-season no doubt.
  4. Not Being Prepared
    1. I’m well aware of the shift in weather conditions by now, but as we approach colder months, it’s a matter of time before morning tee times are accompanied by multiple layers and afternoon tee times are rushed due to sun down.
    2. It’s so important to dress appropriately or come prepared with the right layers for any conditions.
  5. Skipping a Warm-Up
    1. It may be easy to rush to the tee box during those summer months as you break a sweat lifting the clubs out of your trunk on a 90-degree day, however, skipping your warm-up in the cold can create a lack of blood flow to those crucial muscles you use during your round.
  6. Not Adjusting Your Club Selection
    1. As it gets colder, we don’t work up that much of a sweat and our muscles can’t get as warm. Clubbing up is always a good choice as you won’t strain yourself too much when making contact with the ball. It’s also a great time to maybe approach shots differently as you select different clubs.
  7. Summer Golf Rules
    1. It’s so important to know that there are different rules during cold-weather golf. One of the most common being preferred lies so that you can lift, clean, and place your ball to avoid thick mud. Casual water is also likely to come into play, so finding relief is important. There’s a handful of situations you can get yourself into that may differ from summer golf, so just know that cold weather means you can take advantage of different rules to better your outcome.



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