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U.S. Open Compilation Course Project

Crowd Sourcing Needed: List of Public Golf Holes in Massachusetts Similar to the Holes at the U.S. Open

Have you ever dreamed about playing a U.S. Open golf course? Here’s your chance…sort of.

With the U.S. Open returning to Massachusetts for the first time since 1988, excitement is running high for golfers across the Bay State. And while almost everyone knows about The Country Club in Brookline, very few have had the chance to experience what the historic course has to offer.

A regular on the list of Golf Digest’s Top 100 Courses, The Country Club combines thoughtful architecture with pristine conditions and a storied history. The course has hosted U.S. Open’s, U.S. Amateur’s, U.S. Women’s Amateur’s, and the 1999 Ryder Cup.

To help Massachusetts golfers experience what the best players in the world will face at this year’s U.S. Open, Mass Golf is creating a U.S. Open Compilation Course. This “course” will be created by compiling a list of holes from public golf courses across the state, similar in design and playability to those at TCC.

For example, hole no. 5 at Franconia Golf Course (Springfield) might be deemed most similar to the famous 12th hole at The Country Club. And at Wachusett CC (West Boyston) hole no. 16 is as close as it gets to the 5th hole at TCC.

Crowd Sourcing Needed: Think there is a hole at your favorite course that most closely resembles one of those at TCC? Send it our way, but remember, it must be a from a public course in Massachusetts. Click on the link below to email us your suggestion(s). Anyone that provides us with a suggestion will be entered to win a U.S. Open prize pack.




U.S. Open Course Details Below: You can find a course map with the routing and general layout of each hole at this year’s U.S. Open. Also included are photos and brief descriptions of the championship 18.

The U.S. Open routing at The Country Club includes holes from both their Championship and Primrose Courses. (USGA)

Hole 1 (Par 4)

Characteristics: Par 4, Dogleg Left, Bunkers L&R of Green

Similar Public Hole Example: Chicopee CC #10

Hole 2 (Par 3)

Characteristics: Slightly Uphill, Bunker Grouping Short of Hole

Hole 3 (Par 4)

Characteristics: Long Par 4, Winding Fairway with Rock Outcropping, Pond Behind Green, Bunkers Surrounding Green

Similar Public Holes Example: Wachusett CC #5 (if you played it as a par 4), Veterans GC #9

Hole 4 (Par 4)

Characteristics: Dogleg Right. Green protected short left with bunkers.

Hole 5 (Par 4)

Characteristics: Uphill, Bunkers up right of fairway, Bunkers surrounding elevated green.

Similar Public Hole Example: Wachusett CC #16

Hole 6 at The Country Club is a par 3 with two bunkers short of the green.

Hole 6 (Par 3)

Characteristics: Two bunkers short, V-shaped green

Similar Public Hole Example: Amesbury Golf & CC #8




Hole 7 at The Country Club plays uphill towards a well-protected green.

Hole 7 (Par 4)

Characteristics: Second Half Uphill, Bunkers Up Right of Fairway, Bunkers Surround Elevated Green

Hole 8 (Par 5)

Characteristics: Long Carry to Fairway, Bunkers on Right of Driving & Layup Areas, Elevated Green, False Front

Similar Public Hole Example: Captains GC (Starboard) #3

Hole 9 (Par 4)

Characteristics: Downhill, Pond on right of fairway starting in landing area. Green has bunkers L & R

Hole 10 at The Country Club is a long, winding hole, beautifully set between rock outcroppings.

Hole 10 (Par 4)

Characteristics: Long hole, Winding through Rock Outcroppings, Stream cuts across, Elevated green with bunkers short/left

The “Wee Par 3” makes its return to the U.S. Open routing.

Hole 11 (Par 3)

Characteristics: Short hole, Downhill, Fall-off behind and right of green. Bunkers Short/Left

Similar Public Hole Example: Franconia GC #5

Hole 12 (Par 4)

Characteristics: Two bunkers right in landing area. Bunker short of green




Hole 13 (Par 4)

Characteristics: Dogleg Left, Approach forced carry over pond, Bunkers Guarding Short and Left

Hole 14 (Par 5)

Characteristics: Uphill, Break in fairway at layup area, bunkers short left and long right of layup, elevated green with bunkers short.

Hole 15 has a road that cuts across the fairway.

Hole 15 (Par 4)

Characteristics: Downhill Tee Shot, Road Cuts Across Fairway. Bunkers Short of Green.

Similar Public Holes:

Hole 16 (Par 3)

Characteristics: Bunkers Surrounding, Tree Overhanging Right

Similar Public Hole Example: Olde Barnstable Fairgrounds #4

Hole 17 (Par 4)

Characteristics: Sharp Dogleg Left, Bunkers on Left Corner, Bunkers Surround Green, 2-tier Green.

Hole 18 (Par 4)

Characteristics: Dogleg Left, Bunkers on Left Corner, Elevated Green, Bunkers Guarding Short/Left